Find Me On The Back Page In TSGS Volume 16

Edmund Loh & Russell Lee

If you follow the True Singapore Ghost Stories (TSGS) by any chance, you can find me (among many other photos, doh!) on the latest book’s colored backpage (Issue #16).

So, haha! I’ve made a cameo appearance! 🙂

SIDENOTE: I must had been the oldest kid in the queue to get Russell’s autograph.

A Short Retreat… :-)

Hey Everyone!

I’m currently taking a short retreat in my humble home in Johor Bahru now, and will be here for another less than a week or so before I find myself in the PJ/KL grinder again. The PJ/KL lifestyle is hectic (and it has always been!) – this is one of those times I could appreciate a short vacation.

Now I know why people often say, “there’s no place like home“. 🙂

Okay, Some Important Updates…

2 posts back, I made a special mention about marking the 24th of July on your calendar. Because that will be the grand day my next Product Launch, Resell Rights Xtreme, goes live.

Or so it should.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints and the issues Khai and I have been facing in setting up the CMSInfusion script, we felt that the best course of action is to postpone the Product Launch to a later date.

We know that a lot of our JV Partners and waiting-to-be-customers are waiting for it – and we sincerely apologize. Like you, we too hate delays. However, weighing between the customer satisfaction and rushing to push an untested package into the marketplace, we’d take serving customer satisfaction anytime of the day.

We’ll keep you posted on RRX soon…

Some Photos

The Workplace

My workplace a.k.a. work station a.k.a. home office. I know, it doesn’t look like one. But I prefer to keep things neat and simple – no papers and folders scattering around the desk and floor. 🙂

Edmund Loh

Yup – that’s me. I really miss working from home in casual!

Small Kuras

Meet Kura and Kura…

Kura & Kura

… and Kura and Kura (no typo – all of my pet tortoises share the same Last Name. ;-))


Meet Auwlithe, my Chief of Security.

So you see, my house/home office is teeming with life… 😉

The 7/7/07 Wedding & Pictures

Congratulations to Khai & Yuenn – the newly wed couple! 🙂

They’re saving the big bash for late November, but it won’t hurt hosting a little party bash over at Khai’s place. I was one of the few guests invited, and here’s how we celebrated: dinner and board games. (This is soooo Khai-style)

Some Pics on 7/7/07

Yuenn, Jasmin, Sen Ze

L-R: Yuenn, Jasmin, Sen Ze.

Foo, Yuenn, Jasmin

L-R: Foo, Yuenn, Jasmin

Board Games a.k.a. Creaming Time


Playing Lifeboats.

Jie Ming (Alfred Ko): Uhh… how do I play this game?

Gobala Krishnan: I am the Captain!

Edmund Loh (that’s me!): *Hee hee hee hee*! I am confident I can win the game. I’m gonna sink you, Gobi!

Khai: Don’t trade with him! He’s winning! (Friend, this is NOT Settlers of Catan.)

Edmund Loh

Hah! My men have made it to the shore! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Seeeerious Game

Seeerious last round… with so few lifeboats remaining, and every men and leak counts, it’s virtually anyone’s win now.

Khai Won!

What do you know… Khai won (at the expense of my sailors)! The entire day belongs to him, after all. 😛

Credits to Foo for the photos…