Informal Internet Marketing Gathering

It was sudden but the two day trip to Kuala Lumpur was worthwhile. 🙂 Although the gathering was informal and arranged in a short notice, it was great seeing one of my business partners, Vince Tan, again and catch up with Stuart Tan. This was also my first time meeting Simon Leung in person, who hails from the US (of Hong Kong origin).

The informal gathering was held at Stuart’s new office in TTDI Plaza and 16 of us participated in a ‘brain dump’ session for ideas, strategies, advice, and more. More than half of the group consisted of newcomers to Internet Entrepreneurship.

The session lasted for a good four hours. What a waste that I didn’t have my notebook ready. It’s been a while since I last participated in a fruitful session, really. 😛

The Group

The group photo from the informal IM Gathering.

Standing (L-R): Simon Leung, Angeline, Paul, ??, Kang, Tian Yan, ??, ??, Alex, ??, Vince Tan
Sitting (L-R): Jonathan, May Ong, Edmund Loh (me), Stuart Tan, Kiennie Loh

Note: Sorry about the “??”s because I can’t remember some of your names, but if you’ll let me know I’ll update this post again.

Detour to Jakarta

Here’s the overdue blog post I was talking about earlier so I’m sorry to keep you waiting for quite a while. Right after my trip to Bali, instead of flying straight back to Malaysia, I boarded a flight to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

Samurai and Edmund

“I thought I’ve seen this armor somewhere on another person’s blog and in a comic book…”

Flying to Jakarta took approximately two hours from Bali, and I would be here for three days.

Truth to be told, I found Jakarta to be the second ‘Kuala Lumpur’ – which was both good and bad.


GOOD because it’s modern and I saw a lot of familiar places which I could find in Malaysia… like McDonald’s. 🙂 And since Bahasa Indonesia is similar to Bahasa Malaysia – with the exception of some differences – going around and reading signs were a piece of cake. This is where being able to speak Malay pays off. 🙂 A lot of things sold here are cheaper than in Malaysia too, so definitely to please shopping addicts (not that I am one, of course).

Badjai in the Heavy Traffic

And the BAD points about going to the second ‘Kuala Lumpur’? I have to admit that my expectations on the trip went down, especially since I just came from Bali, which was a damn good trip if I must say so myself. The traffic jams here are worse compared to KL; a wrong turn can result in another 15 more minutes lost just taking another road. And there weren’t many attractions to look forward to, either. But hey, at least I can tell my friends that I’ve been there before! 🙂

Due to time constraints (working on two big projects right now), I’m keeping this post relatively short so I hope the photos make up for the content. After all, don’t pictures paint a thousand words? 🙂

SOGO Shopping Mall


Semmy was kind and generous to pick Ladan and me up from the airport. Yep, Ladan tagged along too! Semmy had just moved to a new house and now lives one hour away from Central Jakarta (where Ladan and I spent the next three days in). So we gave him a free treat to a dinner at the Japanese Restaurant in SOGO Shopping Mall. 🙂

Later, Semmy taught both Ladan and me how to play bowling.

Bowling with Semmy

Semmy showing how it should be done.


Ladan about to throw the first ball and knock ’em pins down. 🙂


Me holding the bowling ball for the first time in my life… five seconds before I threw my first gutterball too. 😛

Going for the Gutterball

… See the direction of the bowling ball? Gutter ball!

The Jakarta Cathedral

Dee Ferdinand and Kevaz tags along on our adventure for the day!

p1030151.jpg p1030155.jpg p1030156.jpg p1030157.jpg p1030158.jpg p1030159.jpg p1030160.jpg p1030163.jpg p1030167.jpg p1030168.jpg p1030169.jpg

The Jakarta National Museum

p1030181.jpg p1030184.jpg p1030186.jpg p1030187.jpg p1030188.jpg p1030190.jpg p1030191.jpg p1030192.jpg p1030194.jpg p1030200.jpg p1030204.jpg

Until then…

The Bali Experience: Part 3


Continued from Part 2…

Batara - Entrance

It’s Batara Beach guys and girls… get your sun block cream and swimming trunks ready!

Day 5: Water Sports

The second van arrived almost half an hour late so the gang from the first van and I decided to indulge in the water sports first. 🙂 So we tried parasailing.

Para Sailing

L-R: Lynna, me, Stephannie.


Sailing in the parachute while the speed boat pulls me around the beach. I tell you, the view up there was simply magnificent! I wished I was up there even for a while longer. 🙂

The second troop arrived in time to join us in parasailing before we all indulged in other water sport activities at the Batara Beach. And what do you know? John Mann couldn’t do away with some smack talking. 😉

Cowboy John Mann

John Mann: “Damn this is too easy. Let me show you how it’s done back in my time…”

Strap me up...

“… and while I am at it, I might as well see if I could see the United States from up there.”

Rambo Riley

Kevin Riley: “I used to be Rambo when I was your age. Even Stallone could learn a thing or two from me.”

Aurelius Tjin

Aurelius: “Awww, this is going to be a piece of cake. Let’s show those old folks what we young people are made of.” 🙂

I also tried the Flying Fish, whereby the speed boat pulls the inflated raft at high speed thus hovering it over the water surface.

Flying Fish

Two participants occupy on both sides of the raft while the instructor sits in the middle to control and balance the direction of the raft. The air and excitement was real as the speedboat zoomed through the strips of beach and into the ocean, back and forth.


After climbing into the Flying Fish raft. HOO-AH!

Stoned Shahfir

Shahfir looked like he could really use some morale help here. 😛

Banana Boat

Next up: Banana Boat. L-R: Me, Jimmy, Stephannie, Ladan.

The Banana Boat ride was equally fun especially when the speedboat driver made a surprisingly sharp turn that sent us all into the ocean as the boat flipped upside down. 🙂 I’m glad I wore a life jacket (secret: I can’t swim!)

Team #2

Team #2: Frank, Aurelius, Alan, Maria (Lynna’s sister), Kevin Riley.

Kevin and his merry men

Kevin: “What? You want my autograph again?”


Priceless picture taken by Dee. ‘Kapow’. 😛

Scuba Diving Team

The Scuba Diving Group: Lynna, Aurelius, Maria, Frank, Dee, Shahfir.

Three other friends and I went on with the snorkeling program simultaneously. Unfortunately we didn’t take any photos when we were snorkeling in the ocean as none of us brought water proof cameras.

Day 6: Crazy Rafting

The Rafting Team

Team #1: Me, Ladan, Aurelius. (the playful instructor sits at the back of the raft)

Team #2: Frank, Alan, Maria (not in picture)

Down We Go… Down the River Rapids…

And down we go…!

Buffet Lunch & Stare of The Mighty Aurelius

Alan and Maria A pinch of everything… Aurelius: “Looking for a brawl, pal?”

The Gang - and note the stare Stray Dog wants a chunk too! There goes the stare again…

Super Shopping at Kampung Bali

Kampung Bali Shopping Frank Bauer Ladan

Maria Drumming away… The Super Shoppers!

By the way, I also want to take this chance to give Wei Wei the share of the spotlight.

Edmund and Wei Wei

Wei Wei had been kind and generous with his time in driving us to many wonderful places in Bali throughout our week-long stay, and the report of this trip would be incomplete without him. 🙂 Thanks a bunch Wei Wei!

Night in Sky Garden and Discotheque

Since it’s the last night before all of us go back to our respective countries (and resume our Internet Marketing careers), some of us used it up to the max – like going to Discotheque and Sky Garden.

Kevas, Edmund, Jimmy, Stephannie

L-R: Kevas, me, Jimmy, Stephannie.

Kevas and his new friend

Kevas has a surprise drunk guest who confessed he fell in love with him on first sight. 🙂

Flaunt Me!

Two chicks strutting out their stuff by our table at Sky Garden.

Dancing at Discotheque

At the dance floor at Discotheque.

The Bali Experience Wrap Up…

Edmund Loh

I hope you enjoyed reading my account on the Bali trip with the gang. I would like to put up more photos and dive into further details but unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of time to resize and upload all of the photos we took on my blog (we took thousands of them) so I gotta run for now.

Until the next time and I will write an account of my trip to Jakarta, Indonesia, my next destination after Bali. 🙂

The Bali Experience: Part 2

UPDATED 19th JUNE 2008…

Continued From Part 1…

Day 3: Pasar Seni & Visiting the Gods


We had Kevin Riley joining us to Pasar Seni Guwang Sukawati, where a rich variety of local arts and crafts are for sale.

Guwang Sukawati Entrance

I came to learn that bargaining with merchants is huge part of lifestyle and survival here in Bali (and for most parts in Indonesia as well). Unlike most other countries, one usually doesn’t pay the price pasted on the price tag. Heck, most of the things for sale here don’t have price tags! It can be good and bad – you either walk away with a bargain or pay more than necessary.

guwang1.jpg guwang2.jpg guwang3.jpg guwang4.jpg

This is also where being able to speak some Malay pays off. The Bahasa Indonesia shares many similiarities with Bahasa Malaysia, which makes going around and communication among the Balinese easier for a Malaysian. 🙂


L-R: Kevas, Balinese Merchant, me, Kevin, Balinese Merchant #2, Ladan.

After having lunch, the group went to the airport to pick up both Jimmy Chen and his girlfriend Stephannie Chin, both who also hail from Malaysia.


Shortly after, we went to visit the Gods of Trinity… carved on statues of course. 🙂


This guy (who works here) told me an interesting tale about the three Gods that the Hindhus believe in. They echo familiarity about the things I used to read when I was in school but my mind was too relaxed and focused on having fun in Bali I forgotten most of the tale. 😉


Group photo.


Kevin: “What? You want my autograph?”

We also visited the Monkey Island where hundreds of notorious monkeys live life on the edge, pick on tourists and get cheeky before stealing valuables from unsuspecting passer-bys. 🙂 Perhaps this is what inspired a computer game of the same name?

img_0433.jpg img_0434.jpg img_0439.jpg img_0446.jpg

More New Peeps…

More and more new faces and former acquaintances from last year started to show up in the hotel lobby at night… Lyna Murray and later her sister Maria (new), CW Teo, Alan Cheng (new), John Mann (new), Kevin Brown (new), Shahfir Ahmad… and my two buddies from Australia, Aurelius Tjin and Frank Bauer!

Aurelius and Edmund

With Aurelius Tjin… my PLR Secrets Exposed! partner, and I’m his #1 affiliate (that’s what he says!) 🙂

Edmund and Frank

With Frank Bauer… German dude with strong Australian influence! 🙂

Day 4: New Peeps and Group Tour

Sipping Some Banana Juice

Finally! Now everyone in the group had already arrived to check into the Sanur Beach Hotel. We were chilling near the beach, outside the hotel before we embarked on another group tour on the island.

Alan Cheng

Meet Alan Cheng, the British speaking Chinese from Hong Kong.


And hey hey, look who’s here? It’s Cornelius a.k.a. Sugeng! 🙂

Kak G

Lynna Murray a.k.a. Galadriel a.k.a. Kak G.

CW Teo

Just when I thought the Singaporean Internet Marketers registered a ‘no show’ suddenly CW Teo shows up! 🙂 Shahfir Ahmad from Singapore came too. These two guys appear very frequently in most seminars and Internet Marketing events that I’ve been to in Malaysia and Singapore for the past two years. Very hardworking! 🙂

Group Picture

Group Photo. L-R: Kevin Brown, Jimmy, Ladan, Dee, Frank, me, Alan, Kevas, Aurelius, John Mann, CW Teo, Lynna.

Buying Souvenirs and Going Down Monkey Forest

p1020949.jpg p1020953.jpg p1020954.jpg

p1020964.jpg p1020965.jpg p1020971.jpg

p1020973.jpg p1020977.jpg p1020981.jpg

Crazy Slingshot Gadget

Up up and away!

This slingshot can catapult two people 50 meters into the air in just 3 seconds. I have to admit I was very intimidated when I saw the words ‘Kiss Your Arse Goodbye’ printed on the steps to the wicked gadget. And the thought of replaying the freaky scenes from Final Destination 3 didn’t help but feed my fears of height. I still have a long life to live and few more Product Launches to pull off. 🙂

Still, Ladan and I were the first to climb into the catapult.

Signing the Death Papers!

That’s me signing the papers. *gulp* So, we climbed into the ball and had ourselves strapped for blast-off.

(Thanks to Frank Bauer for the video.)

And yes, we survived! 🙂 So it wasn’t as scary as I had thought. Okay okay, I was still scared (only a little bit) and I could feel like legs turn to jelly when I was back on the ground safe again. Man, Ladan sure was brave and I realized I did most of the screaming when we got slingshot into the air. Still, we got to enjoy the view from the top for less than a minute and the people and curious on-lookers suddenly looked like ants.

Final Destination

Now it’s Jimmy’s and Alan’s turn. Kiss your butts good bye. 🙂 Final Destination, anyone?


The four of us who climbed into the slingshot… and survived. 🙂

Having Dinner at a Chinese Seafood Restaurant

dinner-aureliusfrank.jpg dinner-group.jpg dinner-johnmann.jpg

dinner-sugeng.jpg discovery-edmundloh.jpg

To Be Continued in Part 3…

The Bali Experience: Part 1

UPDATED 10th JUNE 2008…

The Bali Experience, as I would call it, is nothing less than awesome. Perhaps the understatement of the year? I am in Jakarta, Indonesia right now as I am writing this. It’s only been a day since I left Bali for Jakarta and I am already missing the island! 🙂

The beauty of the island is more enchanting than I had expected, and the environment is definitely something you cannot get the feel merely over the TV screen or in books we read about. And yes, there is certainly more to the Island of Gods than just strips of beautiful beaches, nude statues and merchandise items resembling private parts. 🙂

Day 1: Checking in the Sanur Beach Hotel & Kecak Dance

Inside Air Asia

Ladan and I left for the KL International Airport early in the morning and it was going to be our first experience in boarding a flight with AirAsia. The low budget aircraft was mighty crammed with people like a flying sardine. 🙂 We arrived at Bali (Denpasar) in 3 hours by flight, and another hour of wading through the crowd at the immigration point.

Hectic? Yes. Worth it? Yes, too!

Dee Ferdinand and his friend Kevaz Mighty Xavier picked us up at the Bali airport almost right away and we had lunch nearby. I’ve known Dee on the Internet or more than two years and I found him to be highly hospitable, friendly and selfless.

This was also my first time meeting his friend and V.A. Kevas. His real name is actually Lucky. Yes, I didn’t believe it was his real name (so did many people) and that was why he changed his name. 😉 He’s an animated, funny guy and laughs easily. He reminds me of Disney cartoon character Goofy, really.

Edmund, Ladan and Dee

Eating seafood for lunch, just after we arrived at Bali (DPS) Airport. L-R: Ladan, me and Dee Ferdinand. I was flashing the 50,000 Rupiah note but don’t be fooled by its voluminous figure; it is worth a little above $5.00 when you convert the note to US Dollars. 😉

At the Rice Field

With Dee at the Rice Field.

Then, we checked into the hotel shortly, though both Dee and Kevaz were staying in another hotel just 10 minutes away. Soon after, we were racing to a traditional stage nearby to watch the all-cultural Kecak Dance.

The Kecak Dance

Watching the Kecak Dance live on stage. A group of approximately 30 topless men greeted the audience doing the dance and chanting ‘chak chak chak chak chak’ and ‘ouw ouw ouw ouw’. Okay it sure sounds crazy but when I heard them chanting like that, they sound just like me when I am at home. Maybe I’ve found my roots here in Bali? 😉

Full explanation on the Kecak Dance and its origin are here:

Shita & Trijata

Shita and Trijata enters the scene.

The White Monkey

Now it’s the white monkey. According to the storyline of the popular Indonesian folklore, the white monkey is of good nature. He sure looks otherwise here, though.

Flying Monkey

Flying monkey!!! The Kecak Dance we witnessed tells a brief story found in the popular Indonesian myth (which in print it’s a thousand pages long). After the main story was told and acted through the traditional dance, two little girls show their dancing talents on stage.

More Kecak… And More Ooomph..!

And what ensued was a wild dude breakdancing on fire!

Wild Dude Breakdancing on Fire

Nah, just kidding. 😉 The man was stomping on fire with his bare feet, though. Talk about feat.

Edmund Loh

That’s me, just after the Kecak Dance performance was over. 🙂 And here are some more photos we took on our first day in Bali:

Dee Ferdinand and Edmund Loh Dee Ferdinand The Road to Bali

Edmund and Ladan Kevas and Dee

Statues Outside Sanur Beach Hotel Sanur Beach Hotel The Freeze

Day 2: Walk at the Beach, Discovery Shopping Mall, Seeing the Sun Set…

We spent most of the day in Kuta, in which we came back now and then throughout the same trip. We walked past a long street of merchants before we reached the beach.

Edmund, Kevas and Ladan

L – R: Me, Kevas, Ladan. Strolling down the street teeming with busy merchants driving for a hard sell.

Having Lunch with Dee

Having lunch with Dee.

I also visited the monument and site where the Bali Bombing occurred in Year 2002.

Edmund @ Monument of Bali Bombing 2002 Site where Bali Bombing Occured Monument with Names of Victims

After a long walk, we finally reached the shore and… the beach is very beautiful! 🙂


beach2.jpg beach3.jpg beach4.jpg beach5.jpg

Unlike in Malaysia, the day gets darker by 6.00 to 6.30 PM in Bali so we went on to catch seeing the sunset from outside Discovery Shopping Mall. Bummer that the clouds were blocking us from seeing the sun set. 😉

Clouds like Chicken Wings?

And yep, the clouds sure look like a pair of chicken wings. 🙂 Here are some more of our photos we took…

Edmund Loh Ladan

Dee Boooo…

Edmund, Dee & Kevaz

To be Continued in Part 2…

CREDITS TO DEE FERDINAND: Thanks for your generous share of excellent photos! 🙂 Guys if you need any graphic design done for your products, I highly recommend Dee’s service: (No, he didn’t pay me to advertise – his service quality speaks for itself) 🙂