My First Action Video

Last November, I directed a short action video with my friends. I aspire to do my own action videos, and I look forward to the day they go to the silver screen (I’m serious!)

Every big dream needs a start even though humble – and this is the beginning.


PLOT: Two counter-terrorists, Player 1 and Player 2, have been dispatched to rescue a hostage from the hands of a makeshift terrorist group.

This is our first action video, enjoy!

Watch us work behind the scenes:

February Updates 2

1. I had a lot of reservations on how Tony Sanders and Dylan Loh were handling the launch. A lot of what they were implementing were either foreign or contradicting to what I already knew about marketing. Yet I kept my fingers crossed for most parts.

2. Then ClickBank Gamers launched better than we anticipated. It broke 6 figures in sales half past the second day. And it’s still going strong as I am writing this. Chinese New Year had never been this exciting. And I’ve learned to be less stubborn about my opinions this time.

3. I’m not stopping here. I still have a PLR Sale to do with Stephen Luc on the 15th of this month. We have a side project on site flipping to work on later.

4. And Elle? We got a business date – CPA.

5. 10th March? That’s the day I’m launching my online coaching program on a world wide web scale.

6. I’m having my new goals and dreams in my mind’s crosshair. It’s been a long time I feel so fired up from within. And I feel unstoppable now.