Christmas at QLS Fitness

Ever since I started Musemancer as a company with full-time staff last year, I frequent the gym about 1-2 times a week compared to average 3 times a week before.

With the long holidays, I’ve squeezed in the past two days with gym training at QLS Fitness, and topping off with home training.

Good news is: my chest and arms are more solid now.

Not so good news: somehow the flabs accumulate at the love handles, lol



Andrew “BEAST” Lee and I at the gym today. 🙂

OK current progress update:

Current body weight: 65 KG

  • Squats – 65KG x 6 reps x 4 sets
  • Deadlifts – 100KG x 6 reps x 4 sets
  • Bench Press – 60KG x 6 reps x sets

My goal now is to get rid of the little flabs at the sides, that’d make what will be the perfect body for me! 🙂

Checking Out The New BMW i8

It has just been less than less than a month since I got my new BMW, and I am already day dreaming about my next and future car when I learned of the cutting edge BMW i8. (That’s the good thing about cars… they’re not girlfriends, lol)

Today I had to go see the BMW i8 in person at the Auto Bavaria show room at Jalan Tun Razak, KL.

This is truly a piece of technological marvel that has brought the future to the present!


  • Futuristic design that’s gonna be a showstopper for sure
  • Marvelous RM90 road tax due to its 1.5L engine (lol)
  • Packs a punch for a 1.5L engine cos it’s coupled with electric motors, making it an All Wheel Drive
  • Being a hybrid sports car, lower CO2 emissions


  • I don’t know its direct competitors, but its top speed is kinda weak against other sports cars at its price or less (clocks in 250 km/h top speed)
  • At RM 1.2 MILLION (~US$400K) it costs nearly 4X more than its American and European counterparts (around US$100K – US$130K)


Hmmm… Still I feel this is worth becoming a new goal for my early 30’s. The futuristic design is enough to win me over.

At present moment I am only 1/8th from truly earning this beauty. I need a new financial game plan to bag this in 3 years (but my overall strategy won’t change… it will always be Grow Business -> Buy Assets -> Assets Buy Liabilities)