Hey you!

My name is Edmund Loh. My friends call me Ed. Welcome to my Personal Homepage. This is where I chronicle my adventures, write my thoughts on life and entrepreneurship, and post up photos and videos from time to time.

Where I’m From

Malaysia. Petaling Jaya is my original hometown.


I am an Internet Marketer. I started my Online Business and sell digital products since 3rd March 2005. I focus on direct response copywriting, list building and joint ventures. To me, these are the most important skills any online entrepreneur can ever master for themselves.

I am happy to say that business has been great and rewarding. I look forward to expanding it and I can see myself venturing into other types of business.

When I’m Not Working

I travel sometimes. The experience of seeing different cultures amazes me. (Egypt is the best so far!) Other countries I’ve traveled to include Iran, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, Thailand, London (UK), United States, and more.

I have plenty of turtles – 8 red ear sliders to be exact – and I love them!

This Blog

This blog started out as an online chronicle for mostly my Internet Marketing stuff and a little bit on what I do when I’m not doing that. Throughout time, things change. Circumstances change. I change. ­čÖé

Ultimately, my updates are now mostly personal and not so much on what I do in business. Check out my business part at – http://edmundloh.com/

Thanks for visiting my website, feel free to check back every now and then!