2007: World Internet Mega Summit

A small group of us headed down to Singapore to attend the biggest Internet Summit.

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2007: The Great November

Khai Ng and Yuenn got married. Coincides with my 21st birthday.

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2008: The Bali Experience

Met up with other online marketers from all around and we converged here in Bali, Indonesia. Truly enchanting island.

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2008: The Japan Rumble

Flew to Tokyo, Japan and spent most of the week in green Fukushima. James Brown and Mari Wakamatsu tied the knot while I had a date with fun vacation.

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2009: Sydney, Australia

Met up with Aurelius Tjin, Frank Bauer and the Australian Internet Entrepreneurs in Sydney.

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2009: Millionaire Mind Intensive & Guerrilla Business Intensive

We really enjoyed and benefited loads from T Harv Eker’s programs! Our first experience was with his MMI seminar. Elle and I signed up for the GBI next!

>>> Our MMI experience

>>> Our GBI experience

2010: Punks in Pangkor!

Met Fooie again after a long time! Together with Foo, Desmond Ong and Gerardine we joined the Summer Break gang. Made new friends with the “Sesame Street Gang” – Selina, Li Yi, E Teng, and Christine!

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2010: Lakeview House

After years of going from one place to another, renting rooms and traveling on bags, I bought my first house ever. ūüôā

>>> Come and check it out!

2010: Adventures in West Java

The Indonesian version of ‘Genting Highlands’, the cool West Java had plenty of beautiful sights and scenic views to offer.

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2010: Mystical Egypt

Born for adventure! 10 days of exploring the mysteries and marvels of Ancient Egypt!

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2011: London… Then Las Vegas, US!

Revisited London 8 years later and then my first time setting foot on American soil. Went for the Affiliate Summit West, got to meet my marketing heroes in person finally, and realized that they aren’t 2D!

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2011: Rule the Skies

Signed up for what initially appeared to be a suicide mission, it was backed by the drive to prove I’ve got balls of steel. And indeed, I do!

>>> April 2011: The static line jump in Segamat, Johor

>>> August 2011: Tandem skydive in Udon Thani, Thailand

2011: New Zealand Natural

20th – 29th September. Went to Auckland and Dunedin!

>>> Visit to Auckland

>>> Visit to Dunedin

2011: Shanghai Sun

8 day tour in Shanghai and other nearby provinces in China from 16th to 24th October.

>>> Photos here…

2011: Mauritian Martians

Attended Jonathan Teng and Sharon’s wedding in Mauritius island.

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2011: 1st RYM Camping Trip

My first camping trip in 10 years. Scout days revisited.

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2012: Bought My Second House


Also known as Forward HQ. Unlike my first bought house in Johor, the ground floor will be converted into a work studio and idea incubator.

>>> First time purchasing the property

>>> Finally got the keys after the long wait!

2012: 9 Days in Italy

IMG_1200Also covered half a day in Switzerland. And a few hours in Abu Dhabi before heading back to Malaysia. ūüôā

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>>> Photos here

2012: Comic Fiesta 2012

IMG_1678The eye candy. The outstanding. The outrageous.

>>> Photo gallery here

2013: (Finally!) Moved In And Settled In My Next Home!


After moving from room to room, apartment to apartment, it’s finally time to settle down.

>>> See Photos Of My New Place

2013: Rule The Skies Again

21889_10151321954288207_1676710113_nAfter getting done deal with the previous life chapter, it’s time to once again face fear in the eyes.

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2013: Airsoft Battle in Sai Kung


My first time playing Airsoft overseas! Crazy shopping in Mongkok and the ultimate Malaysians vs Hong Kong players in a series of matches on the deserted island of Sai Kung.

>>> Airsoft Shopping Spree in Mongkok

>>> The Battle of Sai Kung

2013: Wealth Summit

A few speaking engagements and several webinars later, came my first breakthrough in my speaking circuit!

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2014: Conquer Mount Kinabalu!


4,095 metres tall. Not too shabby for a guy who used to skip Physical Ed. back in primary school on account of asthma. YEAAA

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2014: Operation White Rhino 2 MILSIM


My second 24 hour MILSIM in Indonesia, and airsoft game no. 4 overseas.

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2014: Awesomeness Fest


5 amazing days in Phuket, Thailand with over 260 amazing minds from over 40 different countries.

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2014: New Office?


Next stage of evolution from working from home.

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2014: Viper Challenge


20 kilometers. 20 obstacle courses.

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=> And The Second Challenge Here

2015:¬†Hong Kong… Again!


And by far the most enjoyable trip here.

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2015: HUT Federasi Airsoft Indonesia yg ke-3 (3rd Anniversary F.A.I)


Short notice but no way I was going to pass up this big Airsoft game in Indonesia. Return to Banten.

=> More Pictures Here

2015: Zombie Infection Hua Hin


First Airsoft game in Thailand, and also first ever Zombie MILSIM game.

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2015: DBA Surabaya Live


Best event of the year. Hands down.

=> See More Pictures Here

2015: TNI Airsoft Tournament In Bali, Indonesia


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2015:¬†Long Overdue… New Car… The BMW!


Finally, I‚Äôve fulfilled the promise I made to my 23 year old self… to get a BMW while still in my 20‚Äôs!

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=> Went up a notch…

=> An upgrade…

2016: The Great American Journey


Starting the year with a life changing journey in the US!

=> Prelude to US journey: PLR Fellowship In Singapore

=> High Ticket Mastermind in Dallas, US

=> The Great Californian Road Trip

=> Traffic & Conversion Summit 2016

=> Back To Dallas

2016: Bungee Jump In Macau


=> Watch Video Here

2016: Disney Land, Hong Kong


=> Photos Here

2016: DBA Jakarta Live

=> DBA Jakarta Live

=> Post-DBA Trip

2016: First Spartan Race

=>20 KM, 30 Obstacles

=> 5KM, 20 Obstacles one year later…

2017: Cambodia

=> Siam Reap

=> Phnom Penh

2017: USA

=> Bug Free Mastermind @ Las Vegas

=> Los Angeles – Reloaded!

=> Dallas Revisited – Higher Purpose Mastermind

2017: New Musemancer Office 2.0

=> Almost 3 years later, bigger team and bigger office!

2017: Thailand Internet Business Workshop

=> 8 Amazing Days