10 thoughts on “My First Post

  1. Sanjay,

    Hmm… only the first (and test) post and I’ve got people checking out my site. 😉

    Thanks for dropping by and do check back often!

    — Edmund Loh

  2. Hello Edmond,

    I’ll be looking fwd to reading more about what you do!
    Innitially I stumbled upon your blog coz I thought you were another Edmond Loh!

  3. Mark,

    Yep I know where you’re from *sees the other side of office*.


    I’ll be popping over your blog now and then, too.

    Hi Hazel,

    Thanks for stopping by. There is only one Edmund Loh (as far as I know, at least). 😉

    I’ve not written any detailed insights into what I do offline, plus more, so yes it’ll be a good one worth checking back often.

    Speak soon!

    — Edmund Loh

  4. Yo ed,

    Just found a site called billionaire something dot com..the guy has almost the same name as you, but the difference is only one letter…Edmund Toh. hehehe.
    I really appreciate that you’ll be visiting my blog often. For a “young and dangerous” guy to visit is my honor. 😛

    Thanks for all the advice and time you have given me for the few times we met. I really appreciate it. You’re really a nice guy no matter what.


  5. Well, seems like party’s going on fine without me, but I’ll just chip in. Traffic’s not bad, thanks to the My Blog Log thingie I guess. Good luck and happy blogging!

  6. Wow that was deep…Hehe, 🙂 But seriously, looks like your blog just got started but I read a few posts and posted comments to get you started. So far so good. I learned a few new things, like I’ll probably checkout that caricature site. Anyways, have a good week. Later.

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