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I think that at this time of writing, not many people would be visiting this blog as it is fairly new. I got it set up only some days ago, with a steep learning curve to overcome.

However, this is going to be one of the most nostalgic moments for my main online journal, which I would probably come back and refer to in the near future now and then – perhaps to compare how much things have changed. Who knows?

So allow me to lay the ground stuff of what is going to be my main online journal:

Even though I have been marketing online since early 2005 – and have achieved considerable success, if I must say so myself – I have not really shared much of any insights into my personal life, Internet Marketing career aside.

You could say I’m pretty conservative sometimes.

Many Internet Marketers assume I am a robot because I have been known to produce new Private Label products in the Internet Marketing arena non-stop without resting. And every time I run into an old friend, I have to spend long hours (or even days) to spill out my adventure in the last 4 years.

Through this blog, I will slowly unravel my story and keep you updated on where my latest adventure takes me.

Whether you’re an Internet Marketer, an old friend from my old school days, or even an admirer of mine. 😉

Year 2007 marks the Expansion Era for me and my business, and I am moving at a pace faster than before. I have never moved this fast in my Internet Business before, so this is going to be a challenge – with worthwhile rewards that will pay in huge dividends. (How many people are still thinking about their New Year resolution at this time of the year?)

Incidentally, this is also what my online journal will be about.

Before I chalked up this post, I saw some comments rolling into my “test post”. Believe me, it was a real encouragement, knowing that many blogs out there are often “dull and boring”.

Over time, I will be adding more and more stuff to this blog – and I hope that you would check back often.

That’s it for now. Thanks for dropping by – and please visit me again! 🙂

Warm Regards,
Edmund Loh

P.S. You can learn more about me here.

9 thoughts on “From the Keyboard of Edmund Loh…

  1. Hey bro, congrats on your first post. It’s great to know that you’re moving really fast….too fast for me to play catch-up…(gasping for breath!)…which is good news.


    To quote you…”You could say I’m pretty conservative sometimes.” and quite serious as well….loosen up a bit bro….hahah…otherwise see you already scared.

    Cheers and good luck!

    – melvin

  2. Hello Edmund,

    Congrats on your new blog!

    To quote you too:
    “Through this blog, I will slowly unravel my story and keep you updated on where my latest adventure takes me.”

    Don’t worry, you’ll be up and going just like Kenny Sia’s … 😉


  3. Melvin,

    Well… not THAAT fast. (Tho I wish ;-)) We’re going to head to the WIS end of this month – I just hope the car can carry all of us.


    I’ve been seeing you around on the Internet lately. We’ll catch up soon, I believe.

    Thanks for dropping by and speak soon!

  4. Khai,

    Even after more than a year this post had been, didn’t think you’d re-visit it. 🙂 And guess what? Just two weeks ago guess which hotel I stayed in when I was in PJ?

    Yep, the one near A&W’s. Familiar huh? 🙂

    Yeah let’s hope my name stays at #1 but curious though, is Melvin still ranked #5 in your list? 😉 Maybe you should make a Part 2 end of this year.

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