Getting Ready for the UYMG Seminar and another Crossword Puzzle for You :-)

Hello Kids (and Kids at Heart)!

I am getting ready to attend the 5-day “Unleash Your Marketing Genius” seminar by Stephen Pierce at the KLCC Convention Center on 28th of this month… all thanks to the seminar ticket awarded by none other than Hazel! 😛

Due to the long hours at the seminar each day, I don’t expect to update my Personal Blog for a while. However, here’s yet another Edmund Loh Crossword Puzzle to keep you entertained at the moment. I spent half an hour doing this so this should keep you amused for a while. 🙂

Expect this one to be more challenging than the first, by the way.

The Edmund Loh Crossword Puzzle Challenge #2: Friends & Acquaintances

Okay friends and blog stalkers visitors! Some of you might wonder why and how I obtained the seminar ticket for free. Was it because I bribed Hazel into giving me a seat No, I’m not a freeloader. Perhaps I participated in a slogan-writing contest? Well, she could have just given the ticket to anyone else. But why me? (Actually I have my own guesses, and I’d like to believe THIS is WHY.) 😉

Now if you know who my friends and acquaintances are, you will then unlock the ULTIMATE answer! 🙂

So here’s the deal:

A. Complete the crossword puzzle using the clues as given below.
B. After completing the crossword puzzle, re-arrange all the alphabets in the blue boxes to form two different words that hold the key to the answer!

One example has already been done for you. It’s up to you to complete the rest!

This puzzle will certainly prove to be more challenging than the first. Not only are the clues less obvious, the crossword puzzle has included both good pals… and pals whom I have just come to know only recently! And it’s definitely harder to make wild guesses now because as of lately, I have been meeting a lot of new people.

Okay, enough of discouraging you. 😛 Let’s see you try decoding it!

Crossword Puzzle Challenge #2

1. He was the first partner who went into business with me on my first year online. (Hint: Old neighborhood friend and had helped introduce me to my first and last full time job!)
2. Practically named after a type of nut.
3. This tri-lingual creature has an obsessive passion for designer board games.
4. I am betting my financial future on this slimy, black hatter.
5. This friendly chap is only 1-2 years my junior, but is already a millionaire!
6. My former junior scout comrade back in my high school days; responsible for whipping a galore of stunning graphics for my products and websites!

7. The one responsible for introducing The Settlers of Catan as a hobby.
8. She hails all the way from the south with stunning piano skills to boot.
9. The sweet angel who sure knows how to treat me like a prince!
10. One of my deadliest ghostwriting assassins who also knows how to party real hard.
11. Easily my BEST customer! He shares the same name with that famous 70’s singer.
12. The Malaysian version of Macgyver.
13. The friendly programming elite who hails from Indonesia, whom I have had the pleasure of meeting him in person in Singapore middle of this year.

The Answer:
“Because I am _ _ _ _ _ and _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _!”

Okay, have fun solving this, kids and kids-at-heart! 🙂 I will release the answers as soon as the 5 day seminar is over.

*Oh, and a final hint (and encouragement)* I’ve mentioned the names of these people AT LEAST ONCE in my blog. So practically, you can uncover some of the clues just by teeth-combing through my past blog archives! 🙂

Awesome Adventures after Moving into the Pink House! :-)

Okay I’ve been stocking up a barrage of photos in my hand phone over the past two weeks and it’s finally time to upload them onto my Personal Blog! 🙂

Stuart Tan’s

Alright, there are no photos to display here because the call was done over the phone. On 13th September, I took part in Stuart Tan’s Super Telethon Charity program – whereby I was one of the 36 speakers, each participating in a 60-minute call with Stuart Tan.

I got my hand phone loaded with more than enough prepaid credits and battery charged just in time to take the call. Definitely, it wouldn’t have been nice to become a “no show” and who else better to talk on the subject of Private Label Rights? 🙂 Ha ha!

I have had the pleasure of meeting Stuart in person earlier this year at Adam Khoo Learning Technologies in Tanjong Pagar, Singapore. I found Stuart to be friendly and motivating. This is the same guy who had authored/co-authored a number of best-selling books on Self Improvement and Internet Marketing? Amazing!

Certainly, I look forward to meeting him again real soon, possibly next month in Singapore.

Moving into the Pink House

It was rise and shine – time to leave the “falling apart” house for a better place to call home… away from home!

After 15 minutes of packing everything up, this pretty much summarized all the things I was going to take with me. One car trip definitely more than suffices!

The Only Things! I am sooo humble… :-)

On my way out, I spotted a familiar looking car in maroon. I wonder who drives this devilish car? Hmmm… looks like the Fuu Fuu Mobile.

The Fuu Fuu Mobile

Once moving in the things into the new pink house, Khai and I made a quick dash to IKEA to purchase some furniture like chair, table and a 3-drawer cupboard.

Me on Wheels…

Yup, that’s me lazing around on the chair at IKEA. Think Professor X (or Professor Loh if you’d rather).

As soon as we brought the things back to my new place, I quickly unpacked the boxes and went on to set up my first chair!


Not bad for someone who isn’t good at handiwork, huh? 😉 Unfortunately, the handy work proved too much for me so predictably, I hired Matt to help me with the table and cupboard set up.

Matt Ng on Fire!

Looks like Matt grew tired of my incompetence when it comes to handiwork. That’s ample warning alright!

Next, I had to help Jennifer with the moving of her things from her apartment into the new house as well. This would mean FREE furniture, decorations and kitchen utilities for me in this new home! 🙂 However, I don’t cook and I hardly watch TV, if any at all.

In a nutshell, Jennifer owns a chain of laundry businesses – 5 in all – TTDI, Bukit Jelutong, Bangsar, and two more. And she’s definitely NOT stopping: she’s currently expanding her business further and I could see she is the frugal entrepreneur stereotype, whereby you pour most of your profits back into the business for expansion over spending on yourself.

Hmm… that pretty much solves my laundry problems. 😛

Heading to Mindvalley Labs

Ah, life of an X-Men. 🙂 The Institute of Higher Learning for Gifted Youngsters. Honestly, for some reason, I feel quite at home there though I spend only a couple of hours there a day, and come in on the average of 2-3 days a week.

Trip to Mindvalley

Saw Yuenn on a Piano Lessons Ad!

Heeey… looks like Yuenn is actually famous!

Yuenn on Ads!

Got Stuck in a Lift for More than 30 Minutes!

Now how often do things like this actually happen? Close to zero. Or so I thought.

I was leaving Mindvalley Labs when the lift suspended at the first floor – one more storey to the ground floor! It was a Lif Bomba thus there were two doors in the lift: one being the main and the other on the left.

When the lift was suspended at the first floor, the side door was opening a little, and then it closed. Then it opened a little again, and then it closed. Over and over again. And due to the violent impact, the lift was practically shaking every 10 seconds.

And you know what? I was all alone in the lift!

I was to meet John Tan shortly to discuss a programming project but as luck had it, there was no reception in the lift therefore my hand phone was practically rendered useless. And not that pressing all the buttons on the lift actually helped, anyway.

For a moment, I really, REALLY thought I was going to die. Suddenly becoming pessimistic, I counted the levels below the first floor: Ground, LG1, LG2, B1, B2. If the lift breaks by any chance, I would plunge down to my death 5 storey deep. Life flashed before my eyes.

Well hey, who has ever heard of people dying because of lifts breaking off? But thanks to the horror/action movies I have been watching, the scenes of lifts breaking off and people inside plunging down to their explosive deaths came rushing to my mind, at a time where a big chunk of my logic flew off my head.

Fortunately, there was an INTERKOM feature on the lift! After ringing the button a couple of times, I was almost relieved when I heard the security personnel answered my distress for rescue! 🙂

While waiting for the lift door to open…

The Scary Lift!

After experiencing quake every 10 seconds for more than half an hour and lights going on and off occasionally, I rushed out as soon as the door opened!

I was half-expecting someone – the maintenance guy – to be around so I could thank him. But there was no one in sight. Oh, so the lift door was opened by remote control, huh?

Uh, thanks anyway. I would better be off to my meeting with John (and still got there 5 minutes early in spite of the half an hour delay)!

I was relating this to Hazel and being the preacher and hailer of all things logic, she went on to patiently explain to me the structure of a lift, where was it made (China, by the way), why it would never fall off, yadda yadda yadda… (Sorry, my caveman brain could only absorb so much but thanks for the education!). 🙂

Goes to show that little knowledge is dangerous, no knowledge at all is embarrassing! I’m still not sure about taking a lift again though; might prefer the stairs this time?

Playing Settlers of Catan with Dennis Sim

Dennis Sim the comment guy! He came all the way from Klang NOT to comment on us, but to join us in two rounds of Settlers of Catan. 😛

Dennis Sim

Being a first timer, Khai patiently explained the rules of the game to Dennis.

Khai & Dennis

And over here, we have Yuenn showing off her rubber band skills. She just made an airplane out of two rubber bands!

Yuenn and her rubberband skills

Can’t seem to leave me alone, huh? Yuenn built a town all over my face and torso.

The Edmund Loh Town!

Okay, it’s game time!

Let’s Game!

2 Hours Later…
Sorry I just had to win both the games, friends! 😛 (I bet Khai and Yuenn were fuming… especially Yuenn.)

Random Shots

Mad Elephant on the road…

Elephant on a trailer on Saturday night!

The Party

A dizzy shot at the Bangsar Permai Saturday Night party.


Khai Lee probably drank too much.

Spam Killer Liquid

Pour this solution over your computer and expect it to get rid of your stubborn spam problems instantly! 🙂

Stray Kura @ Atria

Heeey… it’s a stray kura! Feel like smuggling it back home. 😛


I could use a bit of hair cut soon…

And to Wrap it Up…

What a fruitful two weeks of fun after the Product Launch! 🙂

Me again!

I’d better rest well before I continue with my Internet Marketing journey to supremacy. Thanks for the King’s treatment, Eve! 🙂

The Edmund Loh Crossword Puzzle Challenge!

Hello Kids (and Kids at Heart)!

I’m about to put your “Edmund Loh” knowledge to the test through my unique crossword puzzle quiz… with a twist added to it. 🙂

Alright, here’s the deal so listen carefully: you are about to discover one of my highly treasured, priceless LIFETIME possession – soo SECRET that no one else alive knows (with the exception of my own mom and sister).

In fact, I’ve been keeping it even until now and I found my protection and confidence from it as a child, even in the face of scary dark rooms and imaginary horrors like the boogeyman. Should I become SO famous one day that I even have my own wing in a museum long after my departure, this item will probably be displayed behind the glass!

NO, it’s not a toy, by the way.

So what is this prized item that I have been taking special treasure of?


A. Complete the crossword puzzle below.
B. After completing the crossword puzzle, re-arrange all the alphabets in the blue boxes to discover the “secret word”!

One example has already been done for you – it’s up to you to complete the crossword puzzle and de-code the secret. So are you game? If you’re on, then let the challenge begin!

The Edmund Loh Crossword Puzzle Challenge!

(Click on thumbnail to enlarge in a new window or tab.)

1. My favorite fast food and hang out.
2. The author of the very first book I have ever read on starting an Internet Business.
3. The person responsible for humbling me in Quake III: Arena.
4. Less than a week ago, I have just moved into this ______ color house.
5. The very first comic book I have read. (Hint: it’s about a creature from the future who appears from the drawer.)

6. I can do this breakdance (b-boy) move.
7. The brand of my flagship Private Label Rights products.
8. When I was in school, I was very _________ most of the time! I don’t think I have gotten rid of this habit entirely even now.
9. My former nickname when playing First Person Shooters like Counter-Strike.
10. The VERY, VERY first computer game I have played.

The Answer Is:

“My _ _ _ _ _ _!”

This should be a fairly easy crossword puzzle – don’t think it should be that hard for you or anyone to solve. So have fun, everyone! 😛

P.S: Answers will be revealed after the weekend.

Saturday Night Party at Bangsar Permai

Due to limited Internet access I hardly went online for the last few days and even so, I needed to attend to my PLRGold5 customer support issues and inquiries.

Okay, now when was the last time I actually partied this hard? Hmm… 🙂

Daylight Rush

It was a rush in the day time as I had just relocated to the Damansara Kim the day before. Khai and I purchased a set of furniture from IKEA but unfortunately, I have to left hands when it comes to handiwork. And almost anything purchased from IKEA is Do-It-Yourself.

At least I’ve set up my own chair. 🙂

Since I couldn’t stand seeing my room in such a mess, I decided to hire Mattgyver again to help me with the setting up of the cupboard and half-done table.

It turned out that I bought a set of cheap, lousy tools for the job. So yeah, I went out and bought the best screwdriver I could fine and we got the table and cupboard all set up in a breeze – wheeeee!

I had to buy myself a new pair of clothes and a bottle of wine (or was it champagne? No idea) since not only is it a good customary to NOT come to a party empty-handed, it is also good NOT to wear old clothes, especially if you have been wearing them since 1999 and that you have busted a hole or two in your underwear.

Rush Hour 4?

I made haste to Bangsar Permai so I left home at least 2 hours early because not only am I not familiar with the Bangsar area, I didn’t want to take a gamble on taxi drivers who may or may not be willing to drive me there from my location.

So I did a smart thing: just hop a bus to KL Sentral from Uptown and then get the cabby to drive me to the doorstep of Bangsar Permai. 🙂

I came just in time (at 9:00 PM) only to find out that there will still preparations going on. Couldn’t stand just standing around, I offered some help – like following Khai Lee to 7-11 to buy some ice and mineral water. The apartment scene was a déjà vu though, considering that I had spent the last couple of days shifting and doing home preparations.

It was only an hour later or so that the apartment became sardine-packed with people from all walks of life (literally) and turned into a party pad before anyone knows it.

The People

Coming much well prepared this time – with sleek new clothes, a bottle of something and name cards to go – check out the people whom I have had the pleasure of meeting at the party bash:

Mindvalley People
Since Mindvalley is an army of brains packed into one entity, I will generally classify them all as “Mindvalley People”. Since they were hosting the party thus deserve the first mention. 🙂 Props for organizing such a fantastic party! See you people on coming Monday.

The Bartender
Didn’t get to hear his name properly (sounded like Shiken or something) – he was one of the earliest guests that came over, besides me. 🙂 Thanks a bunch for launching the drinks over, and understanding that I don’t drink alcohol.

Jason Lim
What do you know? He was my scout senior back in high school! His face looks rounder now, though I could recognize some distinct features. Currently, he is a business consultant and must be doing pretty well!

I have to admit the party dance was lively because of her, but she did look like a dancing skeleton! 😛

Seng Chai
Haha… the 26-year old guy who hasn’t really revealed what he does!

Nicholas & Joyce
I had no idea they were from my former high school, too! And what more surprising was that I don’t recall seeing them before since they are only one year older than me. Even though I didn’t talk or get to know with every single person at school back then, I would have at least remembered faces. But I didn’t remember seeing Nicholas or Joyce. Nicholas was from an IT class – the same class as another guy named Mun Tuck, another chap I once know. Hmm…

For the first 5 seconds, I didn’t recognize her even after she greeted me. Plus, I thought she was supposed to be in Penang (but no, she was here too)! I trusted her with some writing work just recently and expected her to work while I go party. 😛 I should feel really guilty! Still, it was great to see her in person again.

John Tan & Iris
HIGHLIGHT: Now this is SERIOUSLY one of the last people on Earth I expected to meet… again!

I barely remembered John initially (and so does he anyway). I introduced myself to him and talked casually until I realized that… you know what? He and I and the rest of the ole’ neighborhood gang used to frequent cyber cafes some 10 years ago! Yes, with other chaps like Yoon Wei, Wai King, Lek Soon, Thavan, Vincent Tan, Victor Tang, and more.

I wasn’t a close friend of his since he studied in a different school and like me, led a totally different life from high school onwards. But even though he’s into the games business (he always love gaming) I felt that we share a lot in common let alone much to talk about!

Another example of “the world is getting smaller” and a case of law of attraction in effect?

John is only one year older than me but he’s very, very enterprising. He started his first business at the age of 17 in New Zealand, and now runs a game development company.

He has this interesting theory that gamers are actually enterprising people (or something along those lines. I got to check with him again soon). I think it’s already proven! 🙂

A friend and business partner of John Tan, though he runs his own company in the filming field. A very nice guy though he could use some help on abstaining from drinking too much. 🙂


Ok nothing much to write about it since it was all dance, dance, dance… which I haven’t been dancing let alone partied this hard since the last time I could remember.

And the party couldn’t be more fun without me busting out a display of raw skills and energy on the dance floor. 🙂

This went on all the way until 4 in the morning.

Bangsar Permai Party with Edmund Loh

L-R: Iris, John Tan, Khai Lee, Me.

Okay, not one of our best photos – we look so tired and messed up after several hours into the party – talking and dancing (and drinking and smoking for some others).

All in all, Saturday night was a blast!

PLRGold5 Post-Launch – Conclusion & Report

Whoa… What a blast it had been for the past 7 days! 🙂

By midnight of 11th September 2007 at Eastern Time, the PLRGold5 launch achieved VENGEANCE level and concluded with over US$65,000+ in total sales, not including back-ends, and more than 565 affiliates and Joint Venture Partners in the database – as opposed to the 483 affiliates who have joined prior to the launch on 3rd September 2007 at 8:00 AM EST.

That’s sixty-five thousand dollars in seven days – of which 55-60% of the sum equals to profits. And even after the launch has entered post-launch phase, PLRGold5 (now PLRGold:Enterprise) is still accepting orders and went past $71,000 in total sales in 10 days after the official launch!

I may have missed my goal of breaking into the magical 6-figure range in total sales (in US Dollars) within the crucial, highly anticipated week, but I am satisfied nonetheless, because I’ve already given my 200% effort and commitment and have absolutely zero regrets. I’ve given all of my best given my current skill and ability, and the entire Product Launch was a very educational process for me, very priceless.

I have had also come to prove that age (no matter how young you are :-)), academic qualifications and geographic location are NOT a factor – the skills and ability to mastermind and orchestrate a planet-scale Product Launch does. I’m not exaggerating when I say “planet-scale” if you know where my Joint Venture partners and customers are coming from.

While it’s still fresh on my mind right now, I shall post some details on the launch for my future studies. I trust this information will not only come in handy when I execute future Product Launches on the Internet, I am sure you will benefit from my insights if you’re planning to pull off one, too.

(In no particular order)

The Launch Was Great Because:

1. I started pushing the pre-launch phase for PLRGold5 one month prior to the official launch. This gave my prospects more than enough time to prepare for what’s coming into the Internet Marketing arena and building interests among them.

2. The products and the launch were exceptional. I built my USP (unique selling proposition) around PLRGold as “the *Biggest* PLR Blowout of the Year” thus standing out from my competitors distinctly. PLR authors are a dime a dozen, to say it like it is. It also required balls to talk big, and ability to walk the talk. It was also going to be the final launch for my flagship PLRGold website, thus I strongly feel that most of the success of the Product Launch is owed to this key factor.

3. I contacted JV Partners and recruited affiliates like mad! Would it surprise you if I told you that I was very shy about contacting potential partners, even though I need not see them in person (email, duh…)? I still am today. But I broke out of my comfort zone and developed the “thick skin” because I constantly reminded myself that I really had nothing to lose but all to gain. Besides, the worst that it could get is just the potential JV Partner saying “no”. So I didn’t hold back and contacted as many potential JV Partners via email, phone and meet-up-in-persons as I could humanly do. I have had also given special privileges to a handful of people to recruit JV Partners on my behalf in exchange for 2-tier commissions to reach as many JV Partners in my niche as possible.

4. I poured out teasers and built my Advance Notification List members. In effort to generate a buzz and interests among my prospects, I began dropping teasers like a free report, exclusive audio interview (thanks to James Brown this was made possible :-)) and offering preview copies to PLRGold5 in exchange for the visitor’s subscription to my Advance Notification List so I can alert them when PLRGold5 goes live.

5. I motivated my JV Partners and affiliates with cash and prizes. This is the first time I have implemented a contest for PLRGold5. I was hesitant to do so initially because I had no idea how well it would perform. But against my doubts (gladly!) I carried it out with faith and what did you know, it worked like a charm! Having a JV Partner “Battle for Supremacy” contest encouraged me to work up creative ways to reward my JV Partners and affiliates while motivating them as well.

6. PLRGold is already a recognized brand in the Private Label Rights industry. Ah, what an advantage. 🙂

7. I have made use of “scarcity factor” without having to resort to closing the sale permanently even after 7 days. Previously, the live of my PLRGold sales were limited to only 7 days, no longer. This time, I was determined to keep the site running and accepting orders even after the official launch. It would have robbed the urgency factor that my prospects didn’t had to purchase on the spot, so it took me a while to brainstorm for ideas – price increment and Early Bird Bonuses were the answers. And they were the damn right ones.

8. I’ve catered to a hot demand! This one matters just as much too. And in making things easier, I also offered an installment plan for those who could not afford the full price thus lowering the barrier entry!

It Could Have Been Better If:

1. I have tested the system thoroughly enough and made it more efficient. I should have gotten myself a spare server to support the anticipated traffic surge, which usually happens turbulently on a launch day – especially if you have like, nearly 500 people pushing the word out about your product. As a result, the server crashed the moment PLRGold5 went live thus we “lost the heat” in the first two hours just rectifying the server problems.

2. I have a team of people to handle the support issues. This would have allowed me time to strategize further and decide the flow and direction of the Product Launch much better, plus take the time to help and motivate my JV Partners and affiliates. On the other hand, it would have significantly improved customer support and speed up the rate of solving their problems such as logins, downloads, queries and closing the sales.

3. I have had aimed more teasers to the end-users. This would have definitely helped increase my conversion rates and sales significantly, rather than just focusing on finding JV Partners with influence, though this aspect is equally important.

All in all, the Product Launch wouldn’t have been even nowhere near as successful if not for my family and friends who have been rooting for me (rock on~!); JV Partners and affiliates for having faith in me and my products thus helping to push PLRGold5 into the marketplace; and let’s not forget my customers – thank you for your support! 🙂

** Click here to visit the PLRGold Hall of Fame for full extension of credits and gratitude. **

Remember: this isn’t the end but just the beginning! 🙂

So What’s Next?

I will be taking a seeeerious break from Internet Marketing and yes, I have plenty to catch in the world of the living – such as moving into the *pink* house, beefing up my social life (it’s been suffering from years of neglect), “going to school” with Mindvalley Labs, meeting old friends, helping out with SOLOBIS, heading to the UYMG seminar at KLCC end of the month with Hazel and Matt, and more in the pipeline.

This doesn’t mean that I will be totally cutting myself off from Internet Marketing – I still have plenty to do for my new customers and plan to revamp most of my main websites – including converting PLRGold5 into PLRGold: Enterprise – in effort for better servicing to my members, subscribers and customers. There are still my pending contracts to execute further Product Launches with other Internet Marketers such as Vince Tan and Khai and more to come.

However, I will be wrapping up this small episode in my life with a stunning achievement on my latest breakthrough in terms of mental capacity, income, skills, confidence and ability.

And who knows, my success story might just go down into printing and inspire hundreds, potentially thousands of people? A very welcoming possibility, definitely.

Still, like everything else, there is always room for improvement and I will be starting off a new chapter in life with more confidence, more soul-searching and certainly a much more positive frame of mind.

With more money to re-invest into my business and serving my PLRGold5 members plus donating to charities, this is just the beginning, like I’ve said, and it will be far from ending. 🙂

Until the next time, and thank you everyone!