The PLRGold Launch – Progress Update


For the first time, I have to juggle between running a Product Launch and traveling outstation but I seem to be doing pretty good at handling it.

It’s been 5 days since the PLRGold5 launch has been in effect. I would be lying if I said that the launch went smoothly. The drama started as soon as it went live – I switched the preview page to the live copy where the order links were then clickable.

And what ensued was a server crash!

Fortunately it was taken care of within a couple of hours thanks to Vince Tan, Aurelius Tjin, Frank Bauer, and 10 more other guys – whom I have no idea why I invited them into the MSN chat box in a panicky situation – but we “lost the heat” at the hottest hour, so to speak.

That was Product launch mistake #1. 🙁

I will cover more on the PLRGold5 launch after it concludes by next Monday as not only is it still in effect, I also have plenty to share on my experience – good and bad.

One day when I do my next Product Launch, I will just look back at my archived posting and remember what it was like doing a Product Launch at my current skill and level today. Thinking long-term, I should write about it at this time while it’s fresh in my mind and relate as much details as I could – and would be willing to share, as a reminder and “bible” to Product Launch success. 🙂

And when you execute your first or next Product Launch, I hope that my insights would really help.

On the brighter note, at least we didn’t do too bad in the first 24 hours of the launch.

PLRGold5 - 24 Hour Duration

There’s still 3 days to go or so; I will conclude the results on the 7th day.

And there will be hundreds of people to thank. Again, more on this next week. 🙂 Do check back because it’s going to be the Appreciation Day for all of my friends, JV Partners, affiliates and customers! It will be a lengthy but interesting write – peppered with pictures, photos and “ah-hah” moments. Take my word for it.

Before I wrap this up, thought you might find this interesting.

A lot of my friends had asked me questions like:

“So what are you going to do with all the money?”

“Okay, you’re loaded! So what next? Buy a house? A BMW?”

“Does this mean you’ll finally stop wearing the same clothes and do something about the hole in your underwear?” (Edmund: …)

“Taking a break after this?” (Edmund: Yep! I need a vacation, even though I’m a workaholic.)

“Will there be a PLRGold6? What about PLRGold10?” (Edmund: I publicly announced that PLRGold5 will be the final!)

And here’s a really good one that I have heard from at least 2-3 different people – in one version or another:

“Edmund, do you have plans to take over the world?”

Hmmm… you don’t seriously think I’d turn to the dark side, do you?

Darth Edmund Loh

Much less actually conquer the world?

Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Edmund Loh’s Revenge

That would actually make a really, really good dream, though. 🙂

3 thoughts on “The PLRGold Launch – Progress Update

  1. What would make a really, really good dream? – Conquering the World… OR… turning to the dark side 🙂

    …Congratulations (!!!!) on your Wildly successful launch!! You deserve every bit of it 🙂

  2. Yeah Khai,

    keep running! You’re still a strong contender for top 10 in the JV leader board, in case you didn’t realize. 🙂 You are proof that small list can produce big profits.


    Hmm… who actually has good dreams of turning to the dark side? Haha! Conquering the world would be! 😛

    The launch is still in effect though; I’ll conclude it overall only later – early next week.

    Thanks, and see you at the “whatever” seminar end of the month. 🙂

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