PLRGold5 Post-Launch – Conclusion & Report

Whoa… What a blast it had been for the past 7 days! 🙂

By midnight of 11th September 2007 at Eastern Time, the PLRGold5 launch achieved VENGEANCE level and concluded with over US$65,000+ in total sales, not including back-ends, and more than 565 affiliates and Joint Venture Partners in the database – as opposed to the 483 affiliates who have joined prior to the launch on 3rd September 2007 at 8:00 AM EST.

That’s sixty-five thousand dollars in seven days – of which 55-60% of the sum equals to profits. And even after the launch has entered post-launch phase, PLRGold5 (now PLRGold:Enterprise) is still accepting orders and went past $71,000 in total sales in 10 days after the official launch!

I may have missed my goal of breaking into the magical 6-figure range in total sales (in US Dollars) within the crucial, highly anticipated week, but I am satisfied nonetheless, because I’ve already given my 200% effort and commitment and have absolutely zero regrets. I’ve given all of my best given my current skill and ability, and the entire Product Launch was a very educational process for me, very priceless.

I have had also come to prove that age (no matter how young you are :-)), academic qualifications and geographic location are NOT a factor – the skills and ability to mastermind and orchestrate a planet-scale Product Launch does. I’m not exaggerating when I say “planet-scale” if you know where my Joint Venture partners and customers are coming from.

While it’s still fresh on my mind right now, I shall post some details on the launch for my future studies. I trust this information will not only come in handy when I execute future Product Launches on the Internet, I am sure you will benefit from my insights if you’re planning to pull off one, too.

(In no particular order)

The Launch Was Great Because:

1. I started pushing the pre-launch phase for PLRGold5 one month prior to the official launch. This gave my prospects more than enough time to prepare for what’s coming into the Internet Marketing arena and building interests among them.

2. The products and the launch were exceptional. I built my USP (unique selling proposition) around PLRGold as “the *Biggest* PLR Blowout of the Year” thus standing out from my competitors distinctly. PLR authors are a dime a dozen, to say it like it is. It also required balls to talk big, and ability to walk the talk. It was also going to be the final launch for my flagship PLRGold website, thus I strongly feel that most of the success of the Product Launch is owed to this key factor.

3. I contacted JV Partners and recruited affiliates like mad! Would it surprise you if I told you that I was very shy about contacting potential partners, even though I need not see them in person (email, duh…)? I still am today. But I broke out of my comfort zone and developed the “thick skin” because I constantly reminded myself that I really had nothing to lose but all to gain. Besides, the worst that it could get is just the potential JV Partner saying “no”. So I didn’t hold back and contacted as many potential JV Partners via email, phone and meet-up-in-persons as I could humanly do. I have had also given special privileges to a handful of people to recruit JV Partners on my behalf in exchange for 2-tier commissions to reach as many JV Partners in my niche as possible.

4. I poured out teasers and built my Advance Notification List members. In effort to generate a buzz and interests among my prospects, I began dropping teasers like a free report, exclusive audio interview (thanks to James Brown this was made possible :-)) and offering preview copies to PLRGold5 in exchange for the visitor’s subscription to my Advance Notification List so I can alert them when PLRGold5 goes live.

5. I motivated my JV Partners and affiliates with cash and prizes. This is the first time I have implemented a contest for PLRGold5. I was hesitant to do so initially because I had no idea how well it would perform. But against my doubts (gladly!) I carried it out with faith and what did you know, it worked like a charm! Having a JV Partner “Battle for Supremacy” contest encouraged me to work up creative ways to reward my JV Partners and affiliates while motivating them as well.

6. PLRGold is already a recognized brand in the Private Label Rights industry. Ah, what an advantage. 🙂

7. I have made use of “scarcity factor” without having to resort to closing the sale permanently even after 7 days. Previously, the live of my PLRGold sales were limited to only 7 days, no longer. This time, I was determined to keep the site running and accepting orders even after the official launch. It would have robbed the urgency factor that my prospects didn’t had to purchase on the spot, so it took me a while to brainstorm for ideas – price increment and Early Bird Bonuses were the answers. And they were the damn right ones.

8. I’ve catered to a hot demand! This one matters just as much too. And in making things easier, I also offered an installment plan for those who could not afford the full price thus lowering the barrier entry!

It Could Have Been Better If:

1. I have tested the system thoroughly enough and made it more efficient. I should have gotten myself a spare server to support the anticipated traffic surge, which usually happens turbulently on a launch day – especially if you have like, nearly 500 people pushing the word out about your product. As a result, the server crashed the moment PLRGold5 went live thus we “lost the heat” in the first two hours just rectifying the server problems.

2. I have a team of people to handle the support issues. This would have allowed me time to strategize further and decide the flow and direction of the Product Launch much better, plus take the time to help and motivate my JV Partners and affiliates. On the other hand, it would have significantly improved customer support and speed up the rate of solving their problems such as logins, downloads, queries and closing the sales.

3. I have had aimed more teasers to the end-users. This would have definitely helped increase my conversion rates and sales significantly, rather than just focusing on finding JV Partners with influence, though this aspect is equally important.

All in all, the Product Launch wouldn’t have been even nowhere near as successful if not for my family and friends who have been rooting for me (rock on~!); JV Partners and affiliates for having faith in me and my products thus helping to push PLRGold5 into the marketplace; and let’s not forget my customers – thank you for your support! 🙂

** Click here to visit the PLRGold Hall of Fame for full extension of credits and gratitude. **

Remember: this isn’t the end but just the beginning! 🙂

So What’s Next?

I will be taking a seeeerious break from Internet Marketing and yes, I have plenty to catch in the world of the living – such as moving into the *pink* house, beefing up my social life (it’s been suffering from years of neglect), “going to school” with Mindvalley Labs, meeting old friends, helping out with SOLOBIS, heading to the UYMG seminar at KLCC end of the month with Hazel and Matt, and more in the pipeline.

This doesn’t mean that I will be totally cutting myself off from Internet Marketing – I still have plenty to do for my new customers and plan to revamp most of my main websites – including converting PLRGold5 into PLRGold: Enterprise – in effort for better servicing to my members, subscribers and customers. There are still my pending contracts to execute further Product Launches with other Internet Marketers such as Vince Tan and Khai and more to come.

However, I will be wrapping up this small episode in my life with a stunning achievement on my latest breakthrough in terms of mental capacity, income, skills, confidence and ability.

And who knows, my success story might just go down into printing and inspire hundreds, potentially thousands of people? A very welcoming possibility, definitely.

Still, like everything else, there is always room for improvement and I will be starting off a new chapter in life with more confidence, more soul-searching and certainly a much more positive frame of mind.

With more money to re-invest into my business and serving my PLRGold5 members plus donating to charities, this is just the beginning, like I’ve said, and it will be far from ending. 🙂

Until the next time, and thank you everyone!

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  1. Thanks for believing (and convincing me) that I could get into the top 10 in spite of the size of my mailing list (200 people) & awarding me with the ‘Underdog’ affiliate award. Your encouragement really made a huge difference & proven that size isn’t everything. 🙂

    – Khai

  2. Hey Ed. Thanks for inspiring me with this post. I’ve decided to not sleep but keep working into the day although I’ve been chugging through this night. You’re better than caffeine. 😉

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