Getting Ready for the UYMG Seminar and another Crossword Puzzle for You :-)

Hello Kids (and Kids at Heart)!

I am getting ready to attend the 5-day “Unleash Your Marketing Genius” seminar by Stephen Pierce at the KLCC Convention Center on 28th of this month… all thanks to the seminar ticket awarded by none other than Hazel! 😛

Due to the long hours at the seminar each day, I don’t expect to update my Personal Blog for a while. However, here’s yet another Edmund Loh Crossword Puzzle to keep you entertained at the moment. I spent half an hour doing this so this should keep you amused for a while. 🙂

Expect this one to be more challenging than the first, by the way.

The Edmund Loh Crossword Puzzle Challenge #2: Friends & Acquaintances

Okay friends and blog stalkers visitors! Some of you might wonder why and how I obtained the seminar ticket for free. Was it because I bribed Hazel into giving me a seat No, I’m not a freeloader. Perhaps I participated in a slogan-writing contest? Well, she could have just given the ticket to anyone else. But why me? (Actually I have my own guesses, and I’d like to believe THIS is WHY.) 😉

Now if you know who my friends and acquaintances are, you will then unlock the ULTIMATE answer! 🙂

So here’s the deal:

A. Complete the crossword puzzle using the clues as given below.
B. After completing the crossword puzzle, re-arrange all the alphabets in the blue boxes to form two different words that hold the key to the answer!

One example has already been done for you. It’s up to you to complete the rest!

This puzzle will certainly prove to be more challenging than the first. Not only are the clues less obvious, the crossword puzzle has included both good pals… and pals whom I have just come to know only recently! And it’s definitely harder to make wild guesses now because as of lately, I have been meeting a lot of new people.

Okay, enough of discouraging you. 😛 Let’s see you try decoding it!

Crossword Puzzle Challenge #2

1. He was the first partner who went into business with me on my first year online. (Hint: Old neighborhood friend and had helped introduce me to my first and last full time job!)
2. Practically named after a type of nut.
3. This tri-lingual creature has an obsessive passion for designer board games.
4. I am betting my financial future on this slimy, black hatter.
5. This friendly chap is only 1-2 years my junior, but is already a millionaire!
6. My former junior scout comrade back in my high school days; responsible for whipping a galore of stunning graphics for my products and websites!

7. The one responsible for introducing The Settlers of Catan as a hobby.
8. She hails all the way from the south with stunning piano skills to boot.
9. The sweet angel who sure knows how to treat me like a prince!
10. One of my deadliest ghostwriting assassins who also knows how to party real hard.
11. Easily my BEST customer! He shares the same name with that famous 70’s singer.
12. The Malaysian version of Macgyver.
13. The friendly programming elite who hails from Indonesia, whom I have had the pleasure of meeting him in person in Singapore middle of this year.

The Answer:
“Because I am _ _ _ _ _ and _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _!”

Okay, have fun solving this, kids and kids-at-heart! 🙂 I will release the answers as soon as the 5 day seminar is over.

*Oh, and a final hint (and encouragement)* I’ve mentioned the names of these people AT LEAST ONCE in my blog. So practically, you can uncover some of the clues just by teeth-combing through my past blog archives! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Getting Ready for the UYMG Seminar and another Crossword Puzzle for You :-)

  1. Across 3: The trilingual creature actually speaks FOUR languages, not three – English, Mandarin, Malay & Cantonese!

    – Khai

  2. Hi. I am also attending the UYMG here in Kuala Lumpur. We bought the package in Singapore at World Internet Marketing in May. I’ve been expecting to have a lot of hands on during the workshop but I’m very disappointed because instead of doing hands on, we’re here to just listen to a lot of presenters. Too bad! My expectations are high and some presenters under delivered. I’m not gonna buy another package anymore; instead i will start doing the real stuff. Did you buy any of the speaker’s offer?

  3. Cjosang,

    Yes I attended the WIMS in Singapore in May too.

    I had been offered a free seat by a friend, though as she bought the same package as you did.

    In short, the seminar was best catered to new Internet Marketers. I am already established, though I have picked up quite some gems from the first day’s seminar and speaker (you know who 😉 ).

    However, something about the event was giving me the “bad vibes” though I cannot quite place my finger on it just yet.

    I did not subscribe to any of the offers, as I have attended only a full day (on Day 1) and pretty much hung around Aquaria and outside the Hall on Day 3.

    Again, my opinion does not represent a blanket opinion – because I hazard a guess that 90-95% of the attendees in the hall were novice IMers.

    But I also understand that the people comprises SMCC people, and that half of the floor were invites like me, thus maybe the speaker offers were catered to the invites?

    Anyways if you feel you’ve learned more than enough, it’s high time you make a move on and take action. 🙂

    Talk soon!

  4. Almost forgot to reveal the answers. 🙂

    1. LEKSOON
    3. KHAI
    5. AKSHAY
    7. FOO
    8. YUENN
    9. EVESOH
    10. XIN-CI
    12. MATT

    Answer: YOUNG & HANDSOME

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