The Amazing Walk to Subscriber’s Nite

I attended Stuart Tan’s Subscribers Nite yesterday and I must say that it totally exceeded my expectations; I was pleased.

Initially, Ashley and I were hunting for a hotel room in Tanjong Pagar, Singapore and later found ourselves at Tiong Bahru, 2 stations away. All the hotels we had been to were fully booked! We wonder what the special occasion was.


Fortunately, we have a place in JB town otherwise we’d be spending the night on the streets of Singapore! We were offered a suite but given it was only a night for two, I found it not worth the spending. The only regrets I had were that I should’ve brought more name cards, and wished I could spend more time after the event.


Ashley picked up an abundance of gems from the event itself, since she’s relatively not totally exposed to Internet Marketing (yet).

I had the privilege to meet a bunch of cool folks such as:-

Stuart Tan “da man”
The host for the night. Cannot help but poke fun into his speech at times but he sure got me when he publicly exposed my “free labor tactic” (those who had been there that night, you know what I’m talking about 😉 ).

Jaz Lai
His presentation and speech were good, and I picked up quite some gems from his list building methods. Hmm.. would it surprise you if I told you Jaz Lai was formerly a fashion designer? Again, should have stayed longer so I could pick his brains.

Joseph Then
Hah – it was good seeing him in person again. We really should work on SEARIM #2. 🙂

Justin Koh
Didn’t expect to see him there, though not entirely surprised. Was half expecting his other tag team partner, Nelson, to turn up.

Pat was handing out a set of unique name cards, each with a picture of different fruits. I chose the one with grapes and amazingly, Pat could foretell my character on the spot – simply by the type of fruit I picked! I don’t know about others, but she was right when she explained I’m that of a thinker and loner by nature. These individuals tend to pick grapes. The leader-type tend to pick tomatoes whereas follower-minds often pick the pear.

Ming Chern
Haven’t seen Ming Chern for a while already. Hair’s already long. Haa ha…

Jacklyn Ker
For some reason, I think that Jacklyn’s pretty familiar. I wonder if I saw her at the last Subscriber’s Nite some months back?

Didn’t really had the chance to talk to him long enough, but he owes me a photo! 😛

Edmund Toh (the clone?)
There must be a factory nearby producing a bender of spoons in my brand. He’s been visiting my blog often (under the name of BillionaireKid on MyBlogLog). Not too long ago, he’s just completed his service to the Singapore Army and is going full speed in the Network Marketing arena!

Andrew Tan
This chap associates with Shawn Wang and Joel Christopher, who had been in Singapore not too long ago. For a moment, I thought that Andrew IS Shawn – but he went on to say that they actually look miles apart. Oops, my bad.

I’ve met way more people at the event than the enlisted names for sure, but can’t recall every single one of them unfortunately (sorry if your name isn’t here!).

Moral of the story: always bring your name cards!

Moral of the story #2: And then, bring some more! 🙂


All in all, the event was a good one and I look forward to another one like this!

6 thoughts on “The Amazing Walk to Subscriber’s Nite

  1. woah… how come I got Google Alerts flashing left right and center. So it’s Edmund Loh. Hey – you should have a launch that uses the “Clone Wars”. Edmund Loh, Edmund Toh and Dylan Loh. hehe. Well, I’m gamre for SEARIM.

  2. Hey Edmund,

    yup, longer hair liao lar…
    more hair, more sexy mah…
    hehehehe… Nice to see ya again lar!
    Let’s meet up for coffee when you come over to Singapore someday or something. 🙂

    Ming Chern

  3. HAHA! Let’s Unleash The POWER of Edmunds In The IM Arena! Get Ready for Resident Edmund. (Got this idea after watching Resident Evil: Extinction last week.) =P

  4. Hey Joseph,

    Checked out my email on SEARIM #2 yet? Yeah we’ll see how we can work it out with Stuart shortly. Stay tuned for my mail this weekend to you guys.


    Yeah I can see why – there’s been a bender of spoons under my brand lately. Edmunds and Lohs unite! 🙂

    Ming Chern,

    Yeah will let you know in advanced when I’m coming down again!

    Edmund (feels funny calling myself),

    Resident Edmund sounds catchy – we should find more Edmunds… 😛

  5. Aaaah, so you is grape one, ah?

    Grape peeper very ‘cheem’!

    It was nice to meet you, Edmund. 🙂


    (Sorry this is a bit late!)

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