Let’s Meet in Bali! (Updated 3rd April)

*** UPDATED 3rd APRIL: See bottom of this post for latest updates. ***

Hey There!

I’ll be speaking for the first time at the Bali Rendezvous in Bali, Indonesia. I hope to see you there, if you’re an Internet Marketer too and want to take your business to the next level.

I’ll come to the cheese real soon but first, here are quick details:

The Event: The Bali Rendezvous
Venue: Grand Hyatt Bali, Bali, Indonesia
Dates: 6 – 8th June 2008
Length: 3 Days 2 Nights
Full Details: LINK REMOVED

Even though it’s still three months away, I’m really steamed up with excitement about going to this event. Not because I’ll be speaking (it’s not my cup of tea) but it’s because of the people that are going to the event.

There’s a full list of speakers and marketing top guns heading to the small island on those dates but I’ll cover some of them here briefly just so you get a better idea who you’re going to be meeting:

1. Lee McIntyre – UK
Personally I’ve not heard of Lee McIntyre only until recently so I cannot comments about him and his expertise just yet. Still worth speculating.

2. James b Allen – Japan
Met him for the first time at World Internet Mega Summit, Singapore last year. Nice and pleasant chap! 🙂

3. James Brown – Japan
Now this is what I’m talking about – low-profile, but really embarrasses a lot of so-called famous marketers out there. He may not look like he’s deeply involved in the Internet Marketing niche. But if you have 500 other active niche sites like James, the Internet Marketing niche is just a nice bonus to toy around with. He is also someone I look forward to meeting in person.

4. Kevin Riley – Japan
Har de har… look who we’ve got. General Riley. My first online encounter with Kevin was in the most unlikely place on the Internet: the Warrior Forum – OFF TOPIC forum. We may joke a lot online – and offline too when we met in Singapore last year – but hey, there’s no denying that Kevin makes a good partner in business too. He’s unselfishly helped me with my past promotions like Private Label Rights Gold. And the least I could do for him is top his affiliate list for his recent Product Launch.

Commander Edmund Loh

Tough luck for your affiliate army Kevin.

5. John Delavera – USA
This is another top marketing figure I look forward to meeting. Who doesn’t know him? The great grand daddy of Turbo software and products, and the mind behind the infamous JVManager 1 & 2! He remains an enigma until now (notice we’ve not seen any picture of John before?). John will be speaking for the first time in Asia. 🙂

6. GUEST SPEAKER: Ian del Carmen – Philippines
Fireball dude… we’ll meet again!

7. GUEST SPEAKER: Edmund Loh – Malaysia
… What can I say about him? 🙂

Other speakers going to the event include Willie Crawford, Paul Kleinmaulman and Dr. Mani.

Attendees also enjoy these great perks:

* Business networking opportunities
* 5-star hotel accommodation for 3 Days 2 Nights
* Take your family and visit Bali too!
* Exclusive online Bali Membership
* Full Internet access
* The Bali boys will personally escort you from the airport to the event too

Hope to see you there! 🙂

***** LATEST UPDATE *****

Just got this email.

Canceled Bali Rendezvous

You might think this is an April Fool’s joke, considering this email was sent on 1st April. But having been in the loop of things that led up to the cancellation of this Internet Marketing event, I knew this to be for real. And in many ways, I saw this coming somehow. So no surprises. Evidently, the website is no longer there when I checked it out.

In respect to the organizers and a few individuals involved who are sensitive towards the internal conflicts within the Bali Rendezvous Committee, I won’t dive into the details.

Personally, I had been looking forward to attending this event as it would be my first speaking gig of any kind. And the opportunity to meet up and network with other top-tier Internet Entrepreneurs from around the world? A priceless incentive. In fact, I had purchased my flight tickets to Jakarta and Bali in advance just more than a week back.

Unfortunately, the little series of events that unfolded lately eventually led up to the painful decision made by the Bali Rendezvous Committee to cancel the event.

It’s a bummer it had to end up like this. 🙁 Even though I am not part of the organizing team (read: guest speaker), I’ve learned a handful of lessons from this, especially that it goes to show that some things in life are just plain unpredictable, and beyond control. What I can do is make the best of the situation.

In this case, since I’ve already bought my flight tickets… I might as well go for a holiday. 🙂

It looks like my first speaking gig will be elsewhere – another time, another event, and another venue. I look forward to seeing you all soon, only elsewhere.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Meet in Bali! (Updated 3rd April)

  1. Hi Edmund,

    Thanks ever so much to leave a message at my blog! It is my great pleasure to meet you( virtually)! When I saw your comment in my blog, I was like “Wao! Miracle do happen!”.

    Want to voice out my admiration here, I admire you have create such a great product -http://www.resellrightsmastery.com/ and became very successful in such a very young age!

    Gambatheh, Carry on the good work;)


  2. Joeyi,

    Haha… it’s not a miracle actually. It’s just Google Alerts. 🙂 Every time someone mentions my name on their website, and Google picks it up in its Search Engine, I will receive instant notification about it and its URL.

    Thanks for the kind words. Speak soon!

  3. Hi Edmund,

    Wish I could join you all but got something on the few days but will meet you when you come to Singapore on 24 of April.

  4. Hey Everyone,

    Just checked with my website host. There had been a problem with the disk my website is hosted on. The problem had been fix but at the expense of putting the last known back up for this site.

    As a result, any comments, updates and new post made in the last five days had been wiped out. 🙁

    I re-posted my new blog post, updated this post as well as the other pages. Hope this doesn’t happen again!

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