Back from Two Week’s Absence

Edmund’s Notes: I posted this post on 30th March 2008 and updated the previous post on 2nd April. I got back on today to find out that… it seemed my blog went back in time? Not only did I find this post in the drafts, the updates and comments seem to have been reversed back to some time ago. (???)

Hmmm… I don’t know what just happened but looks like I have to re-post this again and it’s sad that all the recent comments were gone too, including the photos taken in Singapore. Grrr! 🙁 Oh well…

Even in my busiest moments, I still make it a habit to blog at least once a week. Doing business can quickly turn into a chore sometimes, no matter how passionate I am about Internet Entrepreneurship. And my Personal Blog provides a good escapade as well as a good balance between work and enjoying life. 🙂

After checking out my last post to this blog (14th March)… wow, it’s been more than two weeks that I’ve been neglecting my poor Personal Blog! Yes I had been busy – I’ve been working on a couple of secret, ‘covert operations’ which at this stage it’s too early to reveal any information to the public. Yet.

Also, there hasn’t been anything else worthwhile to post about until only lately. If you’ve been dropping by almost every day expecting some update, this should make your visit worthwhile again. 🙂

NOTE: Even when I am not posting to this Blog, I make it a habit to keep my FaceBook status up to date, and as real-time as possible. I spend more time in Johor Bahru and Singapore this time around compared to Petaling Jaya/Kuala Lumpur. So to keep tabs on my current location, check out my FaceBook status on the left hand of this Blog ya? 😉

The Johor Bahru Retreat

As you probably notice by now, I seem to be spending more time in JB/Singapore than in PJ/KL. I find working from home the best for me compared to my temporary room in PJ, and for many reasons.

My mom cooks my meals here. In PJ, going out to eat every meal time is not only costly (though I don’t mind forking out a bit) but it’s a real time-killer. I clean my room very often – in fact, more often than when I’m in JB – but it gets dirty really, really quick too. Perhaps the house is old. The room isn’t a feasible place to produce inspiring ideas and my ability to work and be productive in that room rarely reaches optimum level. Sucks, right?

Last but not least, there’s something *creepy* about that room. A case of bad Feng Shui? Who knows. I’m giving it up real soon anyways.

Moving most of my things back to JB was one of the wiser decisions I’ve made this year, and it was a good start for business to roll into momentum and every other area in life starts to improve and get better. 🙂 Besides, I won’t make myself too easily available to ‘time vampires’ from now on.

Edmund Loh

Oh and did I also mention that the weather is more cooling in JB as well? Although the weather is getting warmer again, there are some really cold, rainy nights that I had to wear a jacket. 😉

One-Day Trip in Kuala Lumpur

Just two days ago, I had to make a quick trip back to Kuala Lumpur to retrieve my flight ticket – I’ll be going overseas in mid April to experience a different culture. And yes, go for a short holiday. 🙂

And since I was in KL, I might as well drop by and have my hair treated as well.

Eve Soh & Edmund Loh

That’s Eve Soh with me. 🙂 Be gentle with the head… it produces million dollar ideas!


Panny. My favorite chat buddy. 🙂

Single & Available… Want my Phone Number? ;-)

Single, attractive and available. Any guy interested in her? 😉

Kura, Kura & Kura

Walked by the pond at Central Park, in front of 1Utama. My favorite tortoises a.k.a. stray kuras. 🙂

Kura, Kura & Kura

Singapore Internet Marketing Commandos – Orchard

Next day: back in JB and then a hustle trip to meet the Singaporean Internet Marketing Commandos at Wheelock’s Place, Orchard. Met Jaz Lai and Dylan Loh.

This was also my first time meeting Shree ‘The Dating Coach’ in person. I did see his photo somewhere on FaceBook before this. You have to hand it that Social Networking sites and other web 2.0 applications are responsible for making the world flat and smaller every day. 🙂

Initially, looking for the trio was difficult. Dylan instructed me to go to Wheelock’s Place at Orchard. Not that I had been there before. Going to Orchard and looking for Wheelock’s was easy but because my handphone was practically useless in Singapore (read: no International roaming) and realizing I couldn’t receive incoming calls, Dylan couldn’t call me either.

Forget the phone booths, they’re not user friendly either as they assume the entire nation in Singapore uses the phone card. So, I took a blind guess looking for the Singaporean Internet Marketers at both Coffee Bean and Starbucks. And what do you know? They were camping at the corner of the Starbucks cafe! 🙂

EDIT: As said earlier at the beginning of this post, when I got back to my Personal Homepage I found out that not only this post was in draft mode, the updates to the previous post were gone too and so were the comments made in the past few days.

I’ll have to restore this post and the updates to the previous post on the Bali Event. The comments are gone and it’s a bummer I didn’t save the photos on my Singapore trip in my hard drive. What a way to start the morning but hope this doesn’t happen again next time!