The Two Pieces of Paper That Changed My Life

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I’ve been hearing a lot about this thing called “Law of Attraction“. When I first heard of it, I found it – in one word – ridiculous. Especially when I first heard of it, a friend of mine said along the lines of: “Edmund, did I tell you about the time I was driving to work? It was veeeeeery jam-packed, with heavy traffic and al’, so I started visualizing an empty parking space up ahead the road and… VOILA! That’s Law of Attraction to you, buddy.” 🙂

Cock and bull?

Hmm… come to think of it, it’s not that ridiculous after all.

Okay it sounds absurd yet there is a lot of truth to the Law of Attraction being applied and in effect in our daily lives. When was the first time you started meeting the type of people you want to hang out with? At what point did you realize you were surrounded by unwanted people and did you analyze the cause of it?

In many instances, ruling out pure luck, it was seeded with sub-conscious intentions and thus applying the Law of Attraction. It can work in your favor. Or even against you. It depends on how you use it on sub-conscious level. (And the sub-conscious mind is always more powerful than the conscious one)

I attended a Catholic Church for the first time in my life when I was 9 years-old. My mother told me that God grants everyone a petition for three wishes upon entering a new church. Without questioning at all, I quickly whipped out a piece of paper and wrote down my three wishes I wanted so much at that time.

Fast forward Year 2006…

I’ve forgotten all about that piece of paper until almost 11 years later when I dug out my priceless treasure of memories, packed into boxes. For a brief few years, I lived the life of a vagabond with my family, going to different places and living on merely traveling bags. As a result, I was forced to discard a lot of things and items from my previous house to move to the next. However, I was ‘stubborn’ enough to keep my personal items collected from my life journey, that no money can buy.

When I discovered the same piece of paper I realized how much had changed since. And so much it was. On it, I wrote the 3 wishes: to get a computer and to be able to pay my bills on time. The third wish was blurred out due to age (and partly owing to my bad handwriting) and I couldn’t remember what it was either.

The most important thing to me when I discovered the paper I wrote 11 years ago was that the wishes had become self-fulfilled.

Owning a computer today may not be a ‘big thing’ especially in civilized parts of the world but I remembered how much I craved for a computer at that time. I thought it would be cool to have one and keep up with my friends from well-to-do families. I had also wanted to enjoy the latest computer games – Red Alert, Quake 1, Starcraft… ah, those days 🙂

I was also wondering why my mother kept worrying about not being able to pay the bills on time and she never looked happy about it. I didn’t understand about working life at that time but I just knew it wasn’t easy for her to get more money so I wished the problem would go away.

While the two wishes had been accomplished on their own merit eventually, I realized that I had gotten more than what I initially wanted. Today I don’t just own a computer; I have two laptops, a PlayStation 2 and PlayStation: Portable. I still sweat before my paying bills though; can’t help it that Malaysia is a hot country but at least I pay my bills on time now without worries. 🙂

Yet I’ve achieved more and beyond. Living in an age of social competition and the desire to gain more in wealth, materials and self improvement, the discovery of that piece of paper reminded me of my more humble days and life was once simple.

It also reminded me of yet another direction-altering paper that I stuck to the side of my room mirror in 2004, which little did I know, would go on to change my life. The paper was aptly written Mission: Financial Independence.

I am no fan of sticking notes on my wall, wallet and steering wheel (well I didn’t have a car then), etc. but I had my focus written on… yep, that piece of paper. I wanted to be financially free, get my mother out of Johor Bahru and move her to Kuala Lumpur, and be able to fund my sister’s college when she goes out of high school.

In as corny and less-detailed as it sounded, those were exactly what I wanted. I didn’t know anything about starting a business and I certainly was clueless on how to become enterprising at that time. I was working as an office boy and going to college on weekends to take the Certified Financial Planning (CFP) Course.

Again, all of what I wrote in that piece of paper had come true today.

Alright my mother isn’t staying in KL now but well, I did move her out of the sub-urban house didn’t I? 🙂 As far as being financially free is concerned, I found my solution eventually through a strike of million brainstormed opportunities. And as they said, the rest is history. I’m also still in a state of surprise on how I managed to fund my sister’s college in a short notice of just less than two years too. I’ve heard of parents working for years to fund their children’s tertiary education. I wasn’t sure how I was going to pull off in a shorter notice since I didn’t have the benefit of ample time. But I’m glad I did.


I was more than happy and wish I could see myself smile when I saw that piece of paper which marked the point of what I call life changing. The simplicity of my core desires from then reminded me never to make my head swell in size as I go on to accumulate bigger success in life.

What if I had planned bigger goals?

Bigger dreams?

My story isn’t unique to the application of Law of Attraction and I have personally experienced more examples.

Quick LOA Tips

Now if you’re shy by any chance to express yourself (I was too), but deep within you know that you aren’t an ‘extra bolt or nut’ in the universe by a long shot, I strongly recommend taking any of the following small steps – it will just take you closer to your big goal. 🙂

1. Start visualizing what you really, really want. Don’t worry about the ‘how to’ or whether it’s possible or not. That’s not important for now. Start asking yourself what you really want in life and most importantly, don’t feel guilty about it. If you really crave owning a luxury car, so be it. Big house? Good. Help the needy? If that is what you really, really want to then go for it – just don’t do it out of guilt or just to please your friends.

2. Write them on a piece of paper. Now you may not be able to pull off the above mental exercise in just five minutes. It may take days, weeks or even longer. But don’t worry about whether you’re taking too long or too short – you’re your own judge and boss. YOU decide what you really want. Remember: The sub-conscious mind is the most powerful part of the human brain. You want to form desires on a sub-conscious level FIRST – then on conscious level i.e. starting with the act of writing them on a piece of paper. I also recommend throwing in printed pictures to make it more visual – then stick the note in your house or work place, where you spend most of your time in the day.

3. If you’re from Malaysia or Singapore, I highly recommend attending the Life Changing Party. The premise of the party is that you don’t attend it as you are right now BUT as you are five years from now. Come dressed as your ‘future self’ whom you visualize to be in the next five years. They are hosting the next party in June – brief details below:

Where: MATRADE Exhibition & Convention Centre
When: Saturday 7th June 2008
What Time: 6pm – 12 midnight
Why: To Dress, Walk, Talk and Behave Like The Successful Person You Want To Be In 5 Years’ Time For The Entire Duration Of The Party.
Benefits: When you act and behave like the future you, as if you’ve already achieved all your goals and dreams, your vision will be totally entrenched into your entire being. Following the Law of Attraction as seen in the hit movie released on DVD, “The Secret”, you will then start to attract all the things, people and help that you will need in the weeks and months ahead to create the future you!

What You Will Get: Full Details Here

4. Start networking with a healthier group of friends. Had ‘friends’ who pulled you down instead of pushing you up? It’s probably time to get a new batch of buddies. You will do well to start actively networking with like-minded people who not only share the same passion as you do but would also be preferable to mix with those who are already doing what you want to set out to achieve.

Admittedly, Starting to Visualize Isn’t Easy…

… Even if you do it on a few pieces of paper. Not especially when you entertain the thought of the papers and notes being seen by your friends, and God forbid, cynical family members and relatives.

I would be lying if I said that I hadn’t been mocked or teased at for even daring to think of wanting something better in life. It was as if I was committing a state criminal offense. But I continue to hold on to the belief that I am meant for bigger, greater things in life – and so do everyone else as long as they believe in themselves and that they aren’t in this world just to live on status quo.

Don’t you, too? 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Two Pieces of Paper That Changed My Life

  1. Hi Edmund,
    That’s an awesome story. Thank you for sharing. And honestly it’s freaky… “Law of Attraction”. It absolutely 100% works. If ever I’m back overseas in June, I’ll definitely check out that big PARTY you guys have.
    Warm Regards,
    Anthony Santiago

  2. Hey Edmund,

    I totally believe in the law of attraction.

    I believe that every single time I meet up with Edmund Loh, I become richer, thinner, healthier and more famous!

    P.S… An outsider reading this might not make sense of it… but you and I know my little ‘superstition’ eh, dude?

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