The Bali Experience: Part 3


Continued from Part 2…

Batara - Entrance

It’s Batara Beach guys and girls… get your sun block cream and swimming trunks ready!

Day 5: Water Sports

The second van arrived almost half an hour late so the gang from the first van and I decided to indulge in the water sports first. 🙂 So we tried parasailing.

Para Sailing

L-R: Lynna, me, Stephannie.


Sailing in the parachute while the speed boat pulls me around the beach. I tell you, the view up there was simply magnificent! I wished I was up there even for a while longer. 🙂

The second troop arrived in time to join us in parasailing before we all indulged in other water sport activities at the Batara Beach. And what do you know? John Mann couldn’t do away with some smack talking. 😉

Cowboy John Mann

John Mann: “Damn this is too easy. Let me show you how it’s done back in my time…”

Strap me up...

“… and while I am at it, I might as well see if I could see the United States from up there.”

Rambo Riley

Kevin Riley: “I used to be Rambo when I was your age. Even Stallone could learn a thing or two from me.”

Aurelius Tjin

Aurelius: “Awww, this is going to be a piece of cake. Let’s show those old folks what we young people are made of.” 🙂

I also tried the Flying Fish, whereby the speed boat pulls the inflated raft at high speed thus hovering it over the water surface.

Flying Fish

Two participants occupy on both sides of the raft while the instructor sits in the middle to control and balance the direction of the raft. The air and excitement was real as the speedboat zoomed through the strips of beach and into the ocean, back and forth.


After climbing into the Flying Fish raft. HOO-AH!

Stoned Shahfir

Shahfir looked like he could really use some morale help here. 😛

Banana Boat

Next up: Banana Boat. L-R: Me, Jimmy, Stephannie, Ladan.

The Banana Boat ride was equally fun especially when the speedboat driver made a surprisingly sharp turn that sent us all into the ocean as the boat flipped upside down. 🙂 I’m glad I wore a life jacket (secret: I can’t swim!)

Team #2

Team #2: Frank, Aurelius, Alan, Maria (Lynna’s sister), Kevin Riley.

Kevin and his merry men

Kevin: “What? You want my autograph again?”


Priceless picture taken by Dee. ‘Kapow’. 😛

Scuba Diving Team

The Scuba Diving Group: Lynna, Aurelius, Maria, Frank, Dee, Shahfir.

Three other friends and I went on with the snorkeling program simultaneously. Unfortunately we didn’t take any photos when we were snorkeling in the ocean as none of us brought water proof cameras.

Day 6: Crazy Rafting

The Rafting Team

Team #1: Me, Ladan, Aurelius. (the playful instructor sits at the back of the raft)

Team #2: Frank, Alan, Maria (not in picture)

Down We Go… Down the River Rapids…

And down we go…!

Buffet Lunch & Stare of The Mighty Aurelius

Alan and Maria A pinch of everything… Aurelius: “Looking for a brawl, pal?”

The Gang - and note the stare Stray Dog wants a chunk too! There goes the stare again…

Super Shopping at Kampung Bali

Kampung Bali Shopping Frank Bauer Ladan

Maria Drumming away… The Super Shoppers!

By the way, I also want to take this chance to give Wei Wei the share of the spotlight.

Edmund and Wei Wei

Wei Wei had been kind and generous with his time in driving us to many wonderful places in Bali throughout our week-long stay, and the report of this trip would be incomplete without him. 🙂 Thanks a bunch Wei Wei!

Night in Sky Garden and Discotheque

Since it’s the last night before all of us go back to our respective countries (and resume our Internet Marketing careers), some of us used it up to the max – like going to Discotheque and Sky Garden.

Kevas, Edmund, Jimmy, Stephannie

L-R: Kevas, me, Jimmy, Stephannie.

Kevas and his new friend

Kevas has a surprise drunk guest who confessed he fell in love with him on first sight. 🙂

Flaunt Me!

Two chicks strutting out their stuff by our table at Sky Garden.

Dancing at Discotheque

At the dance floor at Discotheque.

The Bali Experience Wrap Up…

Edmund Loh

I hope you enjoyed reading my account on the Bali trip with the gang. I would like to put up more photos and dive into further details but unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of time to resize and upload all of the photos we took on my blog (we took thousands of them) so I gotta run for now.

Until the next time and I will write an account of my trip to Jakarta, Indonesia, my next destination after Bali. 🙂

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  1. Yeah man, parasailing is the bomb the first time you do it, and this seems to be the traditional method where you have to guide your own chute back to shore.. it won’t feel as good the 2nd time around trust me.. Interested in going skydiving? Call me if you do! 😛

    BTW Nice photo of the beach babe 🙂 Can’t wait to get there!

  2. Hey again Foo,

    Sky diving is a nice thought to entertain but I am afraid of scuba diving. I’m not a good swimmer even after learning basic lessons on ‘how NOT to sink’. 🙂 I also learned my breathing skills are poor in water.

    Re. the beach babe, well there’s a few sneaky shots sitting in my hard drive now. 😉

  3. Hey Frank,

    Thanks for dropping by (again)! 🙂 Also thanks for the other images and videos. FYI I’m uploading some of them onto YouTube now and I’ve included your URL ( in their description.

    About the ‘censored’ pic… Shhhh! It’s safe in my hard drive where it belongs. 😉 Hmm… and I hope your wife don’t learn about that ‘blog comment’ of yours! 🙂

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