Detour to Jakarta

Here’s the overdue blog post I was talking about earlier so I’m sorry to keep you waiting for quite a while. Right after my trip to Bali, instead of flying straight back to Malaysia, I boarded a flight to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

Samurai and Edmund

“I thought I’ve seen this armor somewhere on another person’s blog and in a comic book…”

Flying to Jakarta took approximately two hours from Bali, and I would be here for three days.

Truth to be told, I found Jakarta to be the second ‘Kuala Lumpur’ – which was both good and bad.


GOOD because it’s modern and I saw a lot of familiar places which I could find in Malaysia… like McDonald’s. πŸ™‚ And since Bahasa Indonesia is similar to Bahasa Malaysia – with the exception of some differences – going around and reading signs were a piece of cake. This is where being able to speak Malay pays off. πŸ™‚ A lot of things sold here are cheaper than in Malaysia too, so definitely to please shopping addicts (not that I am one, of course).

Badjai in the Heavy Traffic

And the BAD points about going to the second ‘Kuala Lumpur’? I have to admit that my expectations on the trip went down, especially since I just came from Bali, which was a damn good trip if I must say so myself. The traffic jams here are worse compared to KL; a wrong turn can result in another 15 more minutes lost just taking another road. And there weren’t many attractions to look forward to, either. But hey, at least I can tell my friends that I’ve been there before! πŸ™‚

Due to time constraints (working on two big projects right now), I’m keeping this post relatively short so I hope the photos make up for the content. After all, don’t pictures paint a thousand words? πŸ™‚

SOGO Shopping Mall


Semmy was kind and generous to pick Ladan and me up from the airport. Yep, Ladan tagged along too! Semmy had just moved to a new house and now lives one hour away from Central Jakarta (where Ladan and I spent the next three days in). So we gave him a free treat to a dinner at the Japanese Restaurant in SOGO Shopping Mall. πŸ™‚

Later, Semmy taught both Ladan and me how to play bowling.

Bowling with Semmy

Semmy showing how it should be done.


Ladan about to throw the first ball and knock ’em pins down. πŸ™‚


Me holding the bowling ball for the first time in my life… five seconds before I threw my first gutterball too. πŸ˜›

Going for the Gutterball

… See the direction of the bowling ball? Gutter ball!

The Jakarta Cathedral

Dee Ferdinand and Kevaz tags along on our adventure for the day!

p1030151.jpg p1030155.jpg p1030156.jpg p1030157.jpg p1030158.jpg p1030159.jpg p1030160.jpg p1030163.jpg p1030167.jpg p1030168.jpg p1030169.jpg

The Jakarta National Museum

p1030181.jpg p1030184.jpg p1030186.jpg p1030187.jpg p1030188.jpg p1030190.jpg p1030191.jpg p1030192.jpg p1030194.jpg p1030200.jpg p1030204.jpg

Until then…

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