Informal Internet Marketing Gathering

It was sudden but the two day trip to Kuala Lumpur was worthwhile. 🙂 Although the gathering was informal and arranged in a short notice, it was great seeing one of my business partners, Vince Tan, again and catch up with Stuart Tan. This was also my first time meeting Simon Leung in person, who hails from the US (of Hong Kong origin).

The informal gathering was held at Stuart’s new office in TTDI Plaza and 16 of us participated in a ‘brain dump’ session for ideas, strategies, advice, and more. More than half of the group consisted of newcomers to Internet Entrepreneurship.

The session lasted for a good four hours. What a waste that I didn’t have my notebook ready. It’s been a while since I last participated in a fruitful session, really. 😛

The Group

The group photo from the informal IM Gathering.

Standing (L-R): Simon Leung, Angeline, Paul, ??, Kang, Tian Yan, ??, ??, Alex, ??, Vince Tan
Sitting (L-R): Jonathan, May Ong, Edmund Loh (me), Stuart Tan, Kiennie Loh

Note: Sorry about the “??”s because I can’t remember some of your names, but if you’ll let me know I’ll update this post again.

3 thoughts on “Informal Internet Marketing Gathering

  1. It’s already good enough that you can remember so many names….haha.

    I think I’d have filled it with 90% ???

    Sign of ageing memory…hehe.

  2. Hey Melvin,

    I’m training myself to remember as many names as I can from every seminar and small meeting I attend. It sure is a challenge seeing a lot of new faces in just a few hours. 🙂


    NSMen training? What do you do, drill instructing? Btw it was in KL and it was only a one day trip even for me. 🙂

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