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It’s approaching the end of the year and boy, time really flies! Come to think of it, I can still remember how I celebrated the New Year early this year (yeah, for 15 minutes, and then back to work on IMGuerilla v1 LOL) – it all seemed so much like it just happened yesterday. And I’m planning to pull off at least one more ‘big bang’ launch before 2008 expires forever.

Around the same time last year, I publicly announced in the Internet Marketing arena and on my Press Released to IMNewsWatch and other IM News websites that PLRGold Master Rights Pack 5 would be my final release to the PLRGold Master Rights Pack collection. I’m still keeping my word on that.

There won’t be any PLRGold Master Rights Pack 6.

But there’s going to be PLRGold: Videos.

I created my own first video just a month ago. It was a simple 8 minute video piece promoting my latest product on the Warrior Special Offer’s forum, and it was nothing more than a test. I went on to create more video content for my Resell Rights Mastery membership and later, I took videos of myself as a means of connecting better with my members.

Guess what? Okay maybe you don’t have to guess – my sign up conversions went up by 66 – 70% just by adding an intro video. More members emailed me and expressed how happy they were to learn something new from the Beginner Reseller Strategies program, thanks to the step-by-step videos.

Gee… and to think that I didn’t do this sooner. Maybe it’s because I tend to be a Contrarian – people were already screaming “videos, videos!” for as long as I could remember, and the noise was deafening for the last 2 years. All I did was ignore the mass advice, but it looks like I should have taken them for myself!

Now the good news for the lazy and the busy… 😉

I’ve teamed up with Stephen Luc and we’re bringing you PLRGold:Videos on 28th October 2008.

NOTE: Date of launch is subject to change if needed. Please come back to this site to check back often until the website enters pre-launch phase.

A quick intro on Stephen: most people might not know who Stephen is even in the Internet Marketing community, and what many don’t know is that a lot of the top marketers who are making a lot of money from video marketing and video content are, directly or indirectly, a result of Stephen’s quality works.

Stephen has been doing videos for a long time (way before me obviously), and he started a monthly membership called Instant Private Label Videos, one of the earliest PLR Video sites there is online.

Personally, I rarely partner with anyone and in fact, I have a preference for working alone. Stephen makes an exceptional qualification and here’s why: he has helped customers pocket in thousands of dollars, and one of them is actively making above $10,000 a month just from his videos. I think that pretty much speaks for Stephen’s credibility already.

Together, we’ll both be releasing new videos with Private Label Rights and here’s the icing of the cake:

  • It’s going to be brand new as you can expect exclusively from every Edmund Loh release,
  • Top notch quality as you can expect from Stephen,
  • And for sure, it’s not going to be any of the same boring titles you’ve heard of before.
  • This is the taster for now, and more info will be on this site soon. As I am writing this, the Private Label Videos are already 100% completed. We’re both going through them thoroughly right now and will do anything to improve end-user experience.

    In the mean time, check back my site often until the official website URL is out.

    NOTE: PLRGold Affiliates, Joint Venture Partners and regular customers, feel free to write back to me via email or post to this blog post on what you think 🙂 e.g. feedbacks, suggestions, what to expect from PLRGold: Videos, etc.

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