Book Launch Postponed

The book launch for Secrets of Millionaire Students at AKLTG Singapore, which is supposed to be held today, will be postponed until further notice, though it will still be within this month.

Due to changes in plans, now the book launch will be carried out in different book shop locations. Further updates on time and location will be given so just check back this site often.

Soon, the website URL to Secrets of Millionaire Students blog will be officially announced (it’s already around, but we need to fix up some technical glitches at the moment).

Sorry for last minute update!

UPDATE 11th October 2008

Chris Shia, our book editor, had just made an announcement on the release of the book into the stores.

Secrets of Millionaire Students - Release

In short…

– The Secrets of Millionaire Students will be in major bookstores throughout Singapore starting 17th October 2008.

– I am still liasing with Stuart and Dylan on scheduling the book talk.

– Release in Malaysian book stores will be announced later.

– If you are on FaceBook, keep tabs on the latest development on Secrets of Millionaire Students by joining the group “Millionaire Students” here. If you’re an active school-goer who already knows very well that the world of jobs is not what it’s painted to be, and you’re convinced that entrepreneurship is the way to go, hop in! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Book Launch Postponed

  1. Cheated my feelings 🙁
    I went to Borders, Kinokuniya, Times & Popular but couldn’t find the book.

  2. Take a chill pill, Johnson, don’t jump the gun so quick. The books started circulating into Singapore’s main stream stores on 17th. I don’t know if you looked hard enough or the store you went to just haven’t had them yet. I’ll be Singapore next week, my Singaporean counterparts should know better.

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