There’s Going to Be an Edmund Loh dot Com

That’s right.

There’s going to be an Edmund Loh dot com. In fact, the domain name had been registered on the same day I registered this domain,

If you are a regular visitor of my Personal Homepage then you will know that in spite of basing most of my business online, I had kept just that, a Personal Homepage.

Even though I have made small mentions of my involvement in Internet Marketing, I choose to keep this blog more personal by posting up photos and updates on wherever my adventures would take me. Hence This is about the only site I have (besides FaceBook) that I use to connect with old friends, new acquaintances and non-business / non-Internet Marketing people.

And up until recently, had always been redirected to this site.

This had created a few problems though.

1. This blog receives visitors from 2 distinct groups: the Internet Marketing audience and personal friends and acquaintances who are not in this business. That is to say, I have to admit I had struggled at times when writing content on my Personal Blog.

2. The Internet Marketing audience would expect Internet Marketing related content when visiting this site. I can safely say they’re not here to see my photo collection and accounting for my adventures abroad. (lol)

3. At the same time, visitors from non-business backgrounds – usually friends – aren’t used to reading Internet Marketing related content. This is also the reason why I stripped the blog free from most advertising, besides featuring my own products.

Putting a blend of personal journal and business content will only create a mixed and confused impression. This is why I see a need for finally opening the ‘dot com’ site to be specific towards Internet Marketing.

That being said, regular visitors will notice by now that pages like “Products” and “Testimonials” have been removed from this site. I have moved them to the Edmund Loh dot com website.

At this time of writing, the site is still under construction with minimal content. I am waiting for the WordPress theme designer to finish its custom layout. 🙂

Friends, I hope that you will still come back to this site often. The decision to start Edmund Loh dot com doesn’t mean the end of this site (no way am I throwing 2 years worth of solid personal journal down the drain!). I will still be updating my Personal Homepage faithfully, as always.

If you have been expecting Internet Marketing and business content, I apologize for the disappointment. Initially it started out simply as a site for only close friends to know, eventually my Personal Homepage has received exposure through various means including name cards, forums, in the book “Secrets of Millionaire Students”, and even from the Search Engines when someone types my name.

Truth be told, I have withheld a lot of my views on various areas in Internet Marketing on a personal and expert level. Some of the top Internet Marketing forums like the Warrior Forum is quickly turning into a playground for debates and bashing, whereas posting them to this site didn’t seem appropriate – this site being a Personal Homepage.

I look forward to launch EdmundLoh dot com within this month, and it will be a hub for my online marketing activities and I will be sharing my insights on the same topic as well. The site is already there and currently under development. Expect to see more changes to very soon too.

2 thoughts on “There’s Going to Be an Edmund Loh dot Com

  1. Hey Edmund,

    I totally understand what you’re going through.. Cos I have that dilemma too with my own blog. LOL! But i decided to just leave it as a personal blog because well, blogging purely about IM isn’t really my thing. Haha..

    Well, looks great! And i look forward to seeing more updates there!


  2. Hey Pat,

    LOL yeah looks like we’re on the same page. It sure is hard to stuff both personal and business on the same platform – draws 2 different audience and it’s going to be hard to please. 🙂

    Take my word for it, doing an IM blog isn’t my bag either (because I prefer doing membership sites and products but not blog about it). But I think I can learn that. 🙂

    For friends like you, I hope you visit my Personal Blog more often though! 🙂

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