Holiday in Sydney

About time I add new updates to my Personal Blog! 🙂 I got back from Sydney, Australia on Valentine’s Day and just reached home in Johor Bahru only the day before.

Edmund in Sydney

I’ve been taking photos and videos with my camera while I was away at Sydney for one whole week, although I will be mentioning only the highlights of the trip.

First up, I want to thank Aurelius Tjin for showing me around the city, and providing lounge for the week. Saved me a small fortune from lodging into a hotel since cost of living there is very expensive! Thanks again! 🙂

This is Aurelius btw…

Aurelius Tjin

View From The Sydney Tower

At the Sydney Tower

Standing at 305 metres tall, view from up there was truly amazing! At the peak of the tallest building in the city (and 2nd tallest in the entire Australia), I could view the surroundings in 360 degrees.

p1070629.jpg p1070639.jpg p1070640.jpg p1070641.jpg

Sydney Internet Marketer’s Meet Up

At Darling Harbour

This place is really beautiful and enchanting! No wonder it’s called Darling Harbour. 🙂 Aurelius had organized a local Internet Marketer’s meet up for the second time here, and I attended the informal session as a special guest. 😉 Sure, I came a long way!

The Group

I have to hand it to them that after meeting many other individuals in this field, the Australian Internet Entrepreneurs are truly in a league of their own. It was not only a humbling experience but reminds me gently that I still have a lot more to go in learning the ropes of doing business online!

Thanks and it was nice meeting you guys and gals!

Blue Mountains

Central Station

Was ready to head to the Blue Mountains with Aurelius, Frank Bauer and Colin Klinkert. I picked up the local papers (I usually collect at least one newspaper from each country I visit) and the first several pages were talking about none other than the bush fire going on in Victoria and several other parts of Australia.

At that time, the death toll reached 93 and thousands more were homeless after having their homes decimated by the bush fire and arsonists. Several other places were noted to be on alert including Blue Mountains itself! (Fortunately when we got there, it was cold and misty!)


Frank 0wn3d

Aurelius, Frank & Colin

At The 3 Sisters, Blue Mountains

Going Down The Hill on a Bed

Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Thanks to Derrick Siu (whom I just met at the meeting) he knew of an insider who could help get me a discount to climb the Harbour Bridge for just AUD140++ instead of AUD189 (or AUD216 on weekends). Pricey yes, but the 3.5 hour experience was truly breathtaking!

I have to admit, I am afraid of heights. And I was having second thoughts about climbing the bridge. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the tallest steel arch bridge, measuring 134 metres (twice the height of the Opera House) and is the 4th longest bridge in the world. It had been there since 1932.

But our tour leader Mellisa is really great at what she does! It was assuring to know that she had climbed up and down the bridge 3,000 times and has 9 years of experience and the manner she handled the safety procedures were professional. 🙂

So we spent the first 30 minutes getting equipped and ran through basic training through a simulation and after that we spent the next 3 hours climbing up to the summit of bridge and back.

scan0003.jpg scan0004.jpg scan0005.jpg

The group that climbed the Harbour Bridge


30 minutes drive from the heart of the city. This place is the equivalent of Malaysia’s “Pasar Pagi/Pasar Malam”. Things sold here are generally cheaper than if bought in the city and most of the merchants are Asians – like Chinese, Japanese, etc.



More Photos (that don’t fit anywhere else)

img_0065.jpg img_0077.jpg img_0081.jpg

img_0082.jpg img_0084.jpg img_0087.jpg

img_0097.jpg img_0122.jpg img_0129.jpg

img_0131.jpg img_0134.jpg img_0140.jpg

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading and looking at the photos! 🙂

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  1. Hi Edmund,

    Nice to see those pics. And Nice meeting you here as well. Thank’s for the Free Membership. I look forward to learning from you.

  2. It was great having you in Sydney, Edmund. You’re welcome to come any time. It was fun taking you around Sydney. Next time we’ll plan to visit other cities in Australia, like Gold Coast, Brisbane and Melbourne.

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