I’m Back!

Whoa, it’s been… what? Two months since I last wrote anything on my personal space! Probably took for granted the fact that my Personal Blog is now private. Being more busy than usual prevented me from blogging as frequent as I wanted before.

But hey, I’ve made a mental note to come back and blog on the interesting events that’s happened to me since. And snapping photos along the way helped! 🙂

Gotta admit – it was a bummer that coincidentally, around the same time I privatized my blog space, I renewed the relationship AND broke up with the same girl. 🙁 I should have known better. Then, the heart tells the mind what to do, but the mind can never control the heart.

Alright – from here on, it’s going to be a barrage of blog posts of updates and adventures that I’ve been taking on since! Hang on tight…