Marcia Yap & Wilkies Song Tie the Knot!

Congratulations Marcia Yap and Wilkies Song! You both tied the knot on 21st November 2009. 🙂

Marcia was my Sunday school teacher when I was going to St. Ignatius Church during my high school days. I haven’t seen her for a few years until I met her again by chance not too long ago, when I returned to the same church for the Sunday evening service. It was also my first time in a long time attending for service in this church.

Anyways, we met up again for lunch the next day and boy, there was plenty to catch up on! Marcia was dating Wilkies and it was only less than two months before their official wedding. About the same time, she was getting ready to move into her new place in Sg. Buloh so I obliged to help with the house shifting.

(well come to think of it, the major thing I did was just shelleck the furniture!)

I got invited to the wedding and it was to be at the same church. Met a couple more familiar faces there, which in turn would wind up leading to a separate adventure, which I’ll talk about in the coming post!

Congratulations, Marcia and Wilkies! (especially Marcia… finally! phew!) Here’s to an awesome, blissful and long lasting union between you two! 🙂