Justin’s Farewell Party

20th March 2010. Saturday. My crib. 🙂

Justin Lee was going to leave for the Ireland! This came across as a shocking news to everyone at the RYM, but it’s been planned for a long time.

So we in turned planned up something for him: a farewell party over at my place. 🙂

I rented the BBQ pits for the entire day and thankfully I managed to secure the place; sometimes booking in advance won’t help and moreover Saturdays are very popular as other churches and organizations also rent the place.

THE ORIGINAL PLAN: Kevin Avinash was to call Justin out for a casual game of pool at Casa Tropicana, and lead him to the BBQ pit where we would throw him the surprise!

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: In a terrible mishap, Kevin SMS’ed everyone involved in throwing the surprise party… including Justin himself. 🙁 Dum dumz.


Even I didn’t buy into the cheesy setup – it was only less than 2 weeks ago Justin approached me to see if I could rent the place for Fun Nite.

And Casa Tropicana is a very, very unlikely place to play pool even though the new place just opened up. (and that is at the first floor, I must add… which means you don’t need any key or access card to get there)

We should be glad that in spite of the surprise being blown prematurely Justin still obliged to play along, haha! 🙂

What he didn’t count on was yet another surprise we had in store for him: we dunked him into the pool.

Boy Band WIN

Since Justin also knows Eugene San and Daniel Khoo, called my Ex-DJian friends over too.

L-R: Eugene, Daniel, Justin, me


The only reason this pic has some ‘boy band’ quality is thanks to Eugene’s dreadlock hair. 😛

Getting Dunked Into The Pool

Almost every other people – myself included – got dunked into the pool. 🙂 Was a bit afraid the security guards would chase us away or the neighbors would complain to the Management. I’ve stayed here for almost a year already and no one THAT happening ever came to use the pool THAT way. Not after 10PM. 😛 Hee hee!

Me and Debbie Debz Debz! Known her from Sunday School since we were 15! Barely changed. Good or bad thing, you decide!

At My Crib

Later we cleaned up the place and since the lights were mostly off at the pool area, we moved up to my place. I never had so many people in my house before! This is twice the size of the crowd that came to my place for housewarming last year.

Then the kids picked up my Darth Vader replica light saber. Never failed to impress the newcomers to my lair. 😉

Turn to the dark side!

Ooowf! Castration!

Have fun in Ireland Justin! I’m sure many of us will miss you, and hope to see you again when you return a few years from now!