10 Days in Egypt!

Almost exactly a year ago, I was crafting my dream board (I’m looking at it right now). One of the places I must visit was Egypt.

Going there wasn’t a problem. Finding a companion to go with was the real challenge.

And we did it… finally!

I went with Elle Wong and Colleen. 8) Colls is the latest member of our “work from home” gang. 😛 And I should thank my lucky stars, not all the time I get to travel with two beautiful women LOL 😛 (oh, and I got to know another one during the trip too!)

So we joined a tour group, Globalite, and went to Egypt for 10 days 8 nights (27th November – 6th December).

A total of 28 in all, we Malaysians were joined by Egyptian tour leader Haytham Mostfa (pronounced ‘Haisem’) and we covered several places.

From the temples of Luxor and markets of Azwan, cruising the Nile River, to the city of Alexandria and the streets of Cairo. Of course, the best saved for the last, we also had been to the Great Pyramids of Giza! 😀

I uploaded a bunch of photos on Facebook, the other bulk is also on Elle’s photo album.

I have to admit: ever since I learned to compile videos, I got a lot more lazy uploading photos on my blog.

Check out my video – it sums up the trip in 5 minutes. I only wish I bought a Federer hat and leather jacket before the trip. Enjoy!

To see more photos on Egypt, check out my Facebook profile or Elle’s. 🙂