Tips on Getting Highest Rated Comment on YouTube

When YouTube introduced a new feature “highest rated comments” I began to experiment with finding a predictable way to get my comment to be among the top 2 highest rated comments for almost any YouTube video.

I did this out of sheer fun. At this point in time, I don’t think there are any possibilities to monetize – not through this method, since anti-spam is very strict here (which is good, and other YouTube users are 1 click away from marking your comment as spam).

There’s nothing to lose getting exposure though; in fact like I said it’s a nice thrill to enjoy when I’m not opening my browsers for Internet Business. 🙂

I was surprised to find out that getting my comments to be among the highest rated most of the time comes from a few predictable school of thoughts. There are a million ways to do this, but I think you will find this a fun read regardless. Here goes!

TIP 1: It is preferable to comment on a YouTube video that has high 4 figure to 5 figure views.

If the YouTube video has anything less than 5,000 views, in my opinion it’s very, very slow to get your comment thumbed up in numbers. The video is less searched and thus less exposed.

On the other hand, a highly popular video that is getting views into the 100,000s usually come with a flood of other comments too. It’s just as difficult getting your comment thumbed up enough to be pushed into the 2 highest rated comments, due to the sheer volume of comments and yours might be insignificant.

I’m not saying it’s impossible, but that said it’s easier to get highest rated comment if the YouTube video is getting anywhere from 5,000 views to mid 5 figures.

TIP 2: Bash the Bieber.

Love him or hate him (for some reason most people hate him), a smart comment about Justin Bieber can easily get your comment among highest rated.

I have not experimented with ‘Twilight’ or ‘Edward Cullen’ yet though. But this seems to be the almost guaranteed way to get up to top comment ratings.

TIP 3: Make fun of the DISLIKE crowd.

Came across videos that are truly EPIC? And it boggles your mind why some people can bring themselves to click the DISLIKE button for that video? So you can hit the DISLIKE crowd by writing things like:

“___ people are _______”

Here’s one obvious example of 14 people who clicked the DISLIKE button on an epic soundtrack for the Spetsnaz victory theme for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

TIP 4: Memorable quote.

This don’t require a genius. Watched a movie or played a game that others can relate, just drop a memorable quote everyone can relate to!

Like Terminator 2 ending for instance:

And the Vorkuta level for Call of Duty: Black Ops:

TIP 5: Point out flaws or something striking in the video’s time frame.

It can be an error, a joke, a flaw, or something most people tend to miss while watching the entire video.

TIP 6: Copy and repeat a popular comment.

This a little more ‘black hatty’. Sometimes, a popular video can have a few to several copies of it by different users on YouTube, and they winded up getting showed in the SEARCH or RELATED videos.

What you can do is copy a highest rated comment from one video, and use it again in another copy of the video uploaded by another user!

This is exactly what I did with The Story Of Riki-Oh (a superbly gross show btw):

TIP 7: Try to make out a foreign language in English.

This is hard to do but if you can pull this off, it can be awesome. I didn’t do this but I’ve seen some highest rated comments worth noting like this:


I’m surprised that YouTube actually has this loophole, but they may fix this one day.

Did you know you can thumb up your own comment, and thumb down other people’s comment… over and over again with the same YouTube account?

If you want to go to the dark side, you can thumb up your comment, refresh your browser, do it again, and repeat it over and over until your comment is #1 rated. LOL!

Also note that there is an untold time when no matter how high rated your comment is, it can disappear from the highest rated comments panel to give way to newer comments. It’s not going to be there permanently, but enjoy the little stardom and exposure while it lasts!

Enjoy! 🙂