February Updates

From the time I came back from Las Vegas I didn’t stop for anything. All the time I was goofing around last year and slumping into complacency – riddled with holidays, computer games and excess hours of sleep – I am making them up now at the start of 2011.

1. Three months ago Tony Sanders (real name not revealed) approached me for a partnership to launch a product on ClickBank that offers instant business in a box for the gaming niche. I gave it a name, ClickBank Gamers, and it was on.

2. Problem was, I had never launched a product on ClickBank before, and the ball game is a little different. The fact that ClickBank is notorious for high refund rates and not knowing a single person in the ‘ClickBank syndicate’ didn’t help with the overall morale.

3. To be honest, I nearly wanted to drop the entire the project. I should be glad Tony chose to team up with me over any other marketer, but with so many things against the odds I felt like I lost my marbles all over the floor.

4. Fortunately, I got in touch with Dylan Loh after a long time, and he agreed to be part of the launch team for ClickBank Gamers. A big reason why I went to Las Vegas, US with him. Network with the American Internet Marketers. Get into the inner circle. And we did just that.

5. I was happy to meet some of my online peers and marketing heroes face to face finally, but I was just equally disturbed by all the underground nonsense and dodgy ethics many of these market makers are pulling. It violated all the principles within my core. Just two weeks ago I wasn’t sure. Now I’m sure I wanted ClickBank Gamers to be a smashing success. And that will be just the start.

6. When I came back to Malaysia, I was greeted by yet another unpleasant news: the apartment I’m staying in right now – Casa Tropicana – has been purchased. Someone who is a banker bought the unit at the peak of its price. And paid cash in full. He or she is either very rich or very stupid. Or BOTH. It didn’t matter, because ultimately I had to move out in two months.

7. My landlady offered to sell to me initially – and made the offer TWICE. And I declined. Not that I didn’t like the place; of all the places I had moved into, this is the best so far. It’s mighty comfortable for one person. But one day, I will get married and I aspire to start a family of my own. And a 2-room apartment will not cut it. Besides, traffic here got worse in the last 6 months. It’s a sign I should move on.

8. With prices the way they are for properties in Klang Valley, many and myself forecast a real estate bubble burst – give it maybe another year. I think it’s dumb to purchase any property here at the moment, with the prices being crazy high right now. I feel they are priced way above their true value.

9. In as much as I’d like to get my own landed property right now (not to be confused with the Johor house which I bought for my mother and sister), I have to be patient. So right now I am hunting for another unit to rent temporarily. Then, I am going to look into banks auctioning off properties. If I have to foot in the cost of renovation, I might as well get base price as low as possible.

10. My mom went for an operation to remove a thyroid from near her throat, and in another couple of weeks from now she must go to the hospital in Seremban for cancer treatment. Fortunately, the cancer has been discovered in its early stages and can be eliminated permanently. It won’t be cheap, however.

11. I had achieved most of my big dreams in the last 2 years – got my family a house of their own, appeared in the newspaper, wrote my own book, and visited the countries I wanted to go badly… especially US which was achieved just recently.

To think now that all of these happened almost simultaneously. I see this as a sign to set new higher level goals, work hard and smart to achieve them.

Get a new landed property for myself – decked with a spacious “War Room”. And pursue action film making.