Kura Paradise

Haha, great news! Mom and Ashley got a contractor to build us a grotto at the backyard in our Johor house 🙂 Took a few weeks to complete as the workers had to resume work before and after rainy days.

Inspecting the pond under contruction with a senior kura!

Finally our beloved Red Ear Sliders have a bigger home! We don’t have to keep buying a bigger tank from now on.

Mom also wanted to put a Mother Mary statue.

The pond 99% completed

All the kuras need is a bigger platform for them to bask, as they cannot be in the waters all the time.

What it looks like at night

We had a problem though: the water level was high enough and surrounding rocks low enough for the bigger turtles to possibly leave the pond if they wanted to. Case in point…

Monster Kura trying to escape!

So as a temporary fix, we placed the fences and plants surrounding the grotto.

Fences around the grotto. Plants were later added.

Here are some more pictures of our kuras in their new home:

Kuras treading in the water

They converge at the sides only when they know they're getting food!

Hyper Kura swimming

Am so happy the kuras have a bigger, nicer home in our backyard now! 🙂

PICTURES by Ashley