One Day Pilot

Recently, I bought into a bunch of groupon-type of deals to spend an amazing out-of-the-ordinary weekend. There was this thing called One Day Pilot and I found the deal on

The One Day Pilot tour covers flying above the KL city and one of us gets to the co-pilot the plane (yep, that’s me!).

So I went with my friend Elle and my sister Ashley last Saturday.

We arrived at 1:00 PM but there was a delay due to the morning haze, and that one of the previous passengers threw up in the plane. They had to clean it up before we board it hence the additional delay. LOL

2:30 PM and came our turn to climb the Cessna plane, the model I’m growing to be familiar with now. The pilot’s name is Hazim and small world indeed, he knows my skydiving instructors!

So we flew from Subang airport and made our way to the city of KL. The pilot handled the take off and landing, but while in mid air I get to steer the plane. ­čÖé

There’s a reason why pilots need years of training to fly a plane safely. And I was just the wanna-be pilot for a day – wait, more like an hour, lol

This was our first time viewing KL city from the top, not among the ridiculous traffic jam for a nice change!

Ashley recorded most of the journey – here’s the 4 minute version video I uploaded on YouTube:

After an hour of breathtaking view and some adrenaline rush from flying the plane, we got our feet rooted back on Earth… and got our certificate of participation!