Setbacks and Responses

1. I should be going to Pattaya, Thailand tomorrow… except that Thai Sky Adventures inevitably had to call off all skydiving trips because they are expecting new plane parts coming from the US. This means I had to change my flight ticket too. Was really looking forward to the second jump off the plane in my life.

RESPONSE: Well nothing I could really do about it. So yes, I changed my flight details online at the expense of an extra RM200. But since Thai Sky Adventures offered to compensate with free videos and photos, I consider the deal even. Will be going there in 11-13 August.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to join Muizz Hasnani and his gang from Brunei given the unexpected change. I doubt they would go since the fasting season is just around the corner… which means, I’ll be going alone.

2. My personal fitness trainer Quling just measured my results today after 4 weeks. Not good. While I gained 1KG in weight and 600g in muscles but so did my body fat – I went from 16.9% to 17.2%.

The culprit is obvious – I had been eating out more often than I cooked at home the past 4 weeks to satisfy my growing hunger.

The good news is that I’ve been progressing with the training in spite of the increasing intensity. I am able to lift heavier weights now (average 30-45 kg vs. 5-20kg when I first started, depending on the workouts). I coped well with running even though speed had gone up from 8 miles to 10 / 10.5 miles and incline 2.0% to 3.0%.

RESPONSE: it’s really the food I’ve been taking. My skin doctor warned me before that I put on weight easily after my harmonal check up results came in. So it’s back to basics for me – cook and eat at home most of the time and cut down drastically on eating out.

My protein shake came in last week and I’ll be drinking it after my work outs and substitute some meals too.

3. My latest launch with Tony Sanders and Dylan this month didn’t go as well as planned and it certainly didn’t justify our efforts put into it.

RESPONSE: We big boys don’t sulk. ­čśë We comin’ back strong with another launch in November. LOL mean time I’m working with Desmond Ong on another ClickBank launch and it’s been a great learning experience so far as it’s totally different from what I do in the Private Label Rights niche.