There’s Facebook So Why Blog?

Many people forget that I have a personal blog. Fewer people realize that I STILL blog.

Among a few reasons, the contents of my personal blog are blocked from search engines. For a long time, I’ve stopped ‘promoting’ my personal blog every time I wrote a new post and save for small mentions in my social media profiles, not many realize that I still actively update my blog at least monthly.

While used to receiving anywhere from a few up to dozens of comments, my blog post comments as of recent years had plummetted to zero. This was eversince I’ve become active on Facebook and so are my friends and regular blog visitors.

With Facebook, I can share my thoughts in fewer words and a few updates later, uploading photos became a breeze. Since many users are hyperactive here, this is where all the comments and following have gone to.

So why do I still carry on blogging?

Call me paranoid. Call me a control freak. In as great and convenient Facebook is today, and with the shift of traffic heading towards its direction, I think it can go away one day.

That last line must have raised some eyebrows. It’s not out of imagination when you look into the past decade: Yahoo! was the leading search engine until Google took the lead. Friendster was pwned by MySpace, which in turn pwned by Facebook. And I don’t have to tell you about what’s going on between Microsoft and Apple do I?

That said, if and when Facebook were “to go” one day, I won’t be banging my head against the wall for spending so much effort and energy posting contents to a social media site that’s no longer around. (Look at what happened to Friendster today… I never had an account with them anyway)

Also, a 5000 friend limit on Facebook means that my maximum exposure is capped at just 5000.

I still like the idea of writing a periodical journal here, and the past archives can be easily referred back to. So I can look back some day and see how things have changed – or how some have not.

And when I’m no longer among the living one day, this blog shall server as a sizable account on how I lived up until my final moments.

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