Mauritian Martians

November 24 – 29.

In between launching PLR Encyclopedia with my business partner Khai Ng and running house errands as a bachelor, I hastily packed my bags for Mauritius Island.

This is the first time I celebrated my birthday abroad, albeit for just a few days. Mauritius is 7 hours away from Malaysia by flight, and there are many more surrounding islands; I’d love to come back again. Mauritius sports a humble setting, boasting population of no more than 1.3 million people.


Surprisingly, I saw many Proton cars on the road; this is the first time I’ve seen so many Malaysian cars in another country! Didn’t feel like I left home.

People here speak Mauritian Creole, which is mostly of French language. Fortunately, people here speak English well even for a second language.

Reviewing back, a number of my travels is attending weddings. Just two weeks prior to this, I attended Padro and Vera‘s wedding in Jakarta, Indonesia. This time, I was to attend Jonathan Teng and Sharon‘s wedding.

It was a shame that Calvin Woon and Patricia Lin from Singapore couldn’t join me on the short notice; but we’ve been talking about it since early this year it would suck to back out on my promise right now. Besides, I heard Mauritius is a lovely island.

Got to admit I wasn’t as well prepared to come to Mauritius. Jonathan was the only person I know here but thankfully he, Sharon and their family have been very generous to me as a guest. The most generous treatment I’ve received ever, in fact!

After Jonathan and Sharon’s wedding and dinner reception, I was checked into Pearle Beach Hotel and hawt damn, it was super awesome! Not just because of the “all expenses paid” by Jon for coming, but really this is easily one of the most enjoyable hotels I’ve been to that I can remember.

The beach is enchanting too, rivals that of Bali in Indonesia.

It’s a shame that while I could afford my trip here from a few day’s worth of work, I actually had a whole year to find a date to come with me… and I didn’t do it.

I swear, when I come back to Mauritius I’m bringing a hot date with me. ­čśë

I didn’t take many photos this trip but I’m serious about coming back again… it’s a must, and I want to check out the nearby islands as well!

There will certainly be a Mauritian Martians PART 2…