Gym Training – Month 11 Update

Measured again for the first time in 4 months. I had been travelling for the past several months however I managed to keep my training consistent by making up the following week.

Right now I weigh in 60.5 kg, a 2.3 kilo drop since last October. And so is my body fat percentage, now 15.1%! It was 16.4% when I last measured.

However this also means a drop in overall muscle mass.

Which is ironic, considering the past three weeks all the intensive trainings were focused on muscle building workouts.

The hardest part for me isn’t in the training itself; it’s the eating part. I am not a big eater. While my appetite has improved since before I started my training, it was only marginal. I get nauseas easily when I am near full and there were so many embarrassing moments I was struggling not to vomit out my food when I was in public or with friends over a meal.

I wonder if it is a medical condition? To think of it, I got this nauseas problem since 1st January 2009. I remember the exact date because it was also when I started to have chronic eczema. Only months ago the skin problem had dissipated to the point of nearly vanished (still holding my breath on that though). However my nauseas problem remains.

Now I need to gain at least another 4.5 kg to reach 65 kg. Bulking is going to be tough in my nauseas condition, I plan to see the doctors at Pathlab when I go to Johor again for the Chinese New Year holidays. About time anyway – it’s been 3 years since I last went for an overall health check up. I am confident they will strike out ‘high level cholesterol’ this time. 😉

2 thoughts on “Gym Training – Month 11 Update

  1. hey edmund, u have eczema?? where?? i had it before on both my hands, it was horrible! but praise the lord i have recovered completely. :))

  2. The area of effect were on the torso, arms and thighs. For 2 years my body was covered in red spots and it itched when without the steroid cream for just a week or so. Now I take the medication only once in several months thankfully, I hope the recovery is permanent. 🙂

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