Private Updates

1. Since the start of the year, I have placed the focus of my time and energy to expand my Internet Business further. After ‘selling off’ PLRGold with my business partner Khai Ng (Inspiration DNA), we started work on the next brand of marketing products called Wealth Print. We are making this bigger than both PLRGold and IDNA combined, and for the first time we have started a team consisting of Project Managers and Interns, some of which we plan to continue working with us after the 3 months probation is over.

2. This, of course, puts a dent on my social life. However, it’s temporary – all my best results come when I am working without or with little distraction. At the same time, this makes a perfect alibi from a handful of irritating people I’d avoid seeing. I want to take my wealth and business to the next level and this means being selective with who I meet in person.

3. I will be taking the Accelerated FreeFall (AFF) skydiving course in Udon Thani, Thailand middle of this year. I stretched my balls last year and jumped off the plane 3 times. This time I am going to up the ante and do it 9 times. Solo.

4. I intend to buy my own house after surviving the jumps. However many of my friends from the real estate industry strongly discourage buying any property now as “the bubble is about to burst”. I’ve been hearing that since last year, and given market cycles it can be years before it happens. Still, it would suck to buy a house at RM 1million only to devalue by 20%… and I have to still pay the full mortgage price.