Gym Training – Month 14 Update

It’s been more than a year since I started training with Qunling! A few months ago, in my attempt to desperately bulk I got myself a date with the stomache specialist.

Doctor said I had an internal injury in the abdomen and while it would heal naturally, I had to watch what I eat.

For a long time, I had to lay off the acid foods or risk vomitting and indigestion. It had been that way for me for almost three years and I didn’t know what the real problem was until now. As a result, not only I ate less than usual (and I am already not a big eater) it sucks not to be able to enjoy my meals.

A bigger intake of vegetables, carrots and tomatoes helped and eventually I was able to get back to my former appetite. Finally!

For the first several weeks, I ate more porridge and dropped ‘rich foods’ like too much cheese and milk; switched to soy milk instead. More than half the time I cook my own meals now.

After the stomache injury, I took up only brisk exercises and later when I got back on my feet, it was back to building muscles again.

Right now my weight stands at 62.7 KG (or nearly 138 pounds). Still aiming to put on another 2 1/2 kilos and I should look just about nice for my body proportion. Body fat percentage went up a bit, from 15.1% to 15.9%. Still acceptable, so long as the muscle mass gain follows.

I spent the most of the first year training to get my body conditioned. Now it’s time to get more ambitious. At this point, I am already able to ‘carry my own weight’ for dead lifts and squats – 4 reps and 8 reps per set respectively.

Got to start training for runs. I’ve signed up for the KL Standard Chartered Marathon which is on 24th June. This will be my first 10KM run in 10 years.

BTW I used this Alkaline Food Charts. You might find this useful too. ­čÖé