Airsoft Shopping In Mongkok

This is an experience never to be forgotten.

I had just realized one of my dreams through this trip, and that is to pit against other players in an airsoft game… overseas!

We’ve planned this since last year August and on 1st March 2013, a team of 15 of us Malaysians flew in and met up at the Hong Kong International Airport. While a majority of us are from mainland Malaysia, 1 flew in from the UK and another came from Indonesia.


I am beginning to think this is how Jackie Chan came up with the title for his Rush Hour movie. As soon as we arrived at our hotel at Kings de Nathan in Mongkok, we hustled to the first airsoft store: Redwolf Airsoft.


It was a few train stations away and while we had several hours before the store closes that day, time seemed to fly when we browsed through galleries after galleries of replica fire arms. ­čÖé

Just when I thought only women would spend several hours shopping in a Chanel, Burberry or LV store… guess I was wrong. ­čśŤ


I was lucky to secure my purchases in time before the store closes, but some of us needed to come back again the next day.


And our spending spree didn’t stop even on Day 2. We checked out the other stores like eHobby Asia and Shooter CB Gear, and so many other airsoft stores as they were lined up next to each other on the streets.

IMG_2744Talk about feeling like a kid in a candy store… wait, make that candy streets!

So that’s what we’ve been doing basically for the first 2 days in Hong Kong. It was a first time for some of us (including me) and problem is, I am a banana – I can’t speak Cantonese. I had to count on my friends to help me get around.

And good thing we brought our walkie talkies with us so we kept in touch with each other as we split up every now and then on the busy streets of Mongkok to buy our Airsoft gears.

All these in good preparation and anticipation for what’s to come… the battle against experienced Hong Kong airsoft players.

To be continued…