Post Continuity Income Workshop

1. I had just returned from conducting my last 3 day Continuity Income Workshop in Singapore! The weekend before, I ran the same program right here in Malaysia. Not counting the weekend workshop that I casually did in 2009, this is the first two ‘serious’ workshops I’ve done and there’s no looking back – I am already this far into the seminar business.

2. Admittedly, I did not put in a lot of preparation for the workshops the same way I did for my 90 minute presentations. I thought I could pull it off nearly flawless because I practice Internet Marketing as a second nature. However looking at the feedback forms submitted from my students, there is indeed a lot more room for improvement. Way lot more.

3. It’s a different ball game in the seminar business. I realize that all my years selling information products is still inadequate to prepare me for fame and glory in this arena. While I plan to conduct the Continuity Income Workshops again next year, I have to start making changes NOW. Simplify my course. Create a lasting and fun experience.

4. I will also need a dedicated team for this. Now I totally suck with people overall, which is why I had been putting off the idea of having an office and a full-time team. Right now it’s go big or go home, and I’ve been sitting at home for years. Will be checking out some potential office premises in Petaling Jaya this week, and make an appointment with Jonathan Quek to pick his brain on how to build a team.

5. Also booking a Skype session with Eugene Hennie on his Facebook marketing skills. Shared with him how to draw people to his workshop, now it’s time to call in the favor.

6. It’s a dangerous time to rest on my laurels just because the workshops are over. So I am keeping myself occupied with 3 product launches in November – in 3 different niches. Good to have Elle back really… we are partnering up again for the first time in 2 years to get into the graphics niche. 🙂

7. My next speaking engagement brings me to Cyberjaya – the DARE BIZ Showcase. Nov 22 & 23. Need to get ready for that one, and polish my presentation and closing before that!

“No one writes down a plan to be broke, fat, lazy, or stupid. Those things are what happen when you don’t have a plan.”