ATV Ride At ATV Adventure Park

It’s been an unusually busy month and especially in the past few weeks. While I’m happy with Musemancer‘s accelerated growth of late and that we doubled our team size now, a little celebration is in order – ATV ride up in Hulu Kelang!

This is also our first time having a team activity on a weekend, as previously we normally have it one of the weekdays. Even though I’ve rode the ATV before, this is one of the more dangerous┬áones – the offroad tracks up the hill are steep, and two of the girls had their ATVs flipped. And I too had a close encounter with a snake at the waterfall (only to learn later that it’s an Ular Katam Tebu, a venomous yellow snake!)

Glad we all got back safely… I’d hate to think what would have happened!

More action next week… ­čÖé