To Phnom Penh!

After spending two days in Siam Reap, I took a 30 minute flight to Phnom Penh to meet Kelly Ch’ng. Kelly has been working here for the last 7 months, and seeing a familiar face here is a relief for me.

As said earlier, I am a terrible negotiator so following her around helped me save a bit as she’s terrific at bargaining with the locals!

I spent a full day in PP before going back the next afternoon but we covered many places – the Cambodian Museum, Killing Fields, did a full body massage, and hopped a few bars including FCC (Foreign Correspondence Club).

Vibes here are totally different from Siam Reap – whereas in SR life is a slower and places seem to be quite apart, here in PP it’s livelier, there are more variety of cars on the streets, and more hip and urban.

We wrapped up the PP trip with a visit to the Central Market to buy some souvenirs back home.

It was a good weekend getaway overall and that’s Country #21 visited for me!