Losing 6% Body Fat And Close To 2 Layers Of Visceral Fat In 2 Months

I started the year with a bad case of gastric and nausea which eventually landed me on the hospital bed for the first time – right after I completed a launch for a Client.
I was going full steam for all of 2016 and not forgetting the years leading up to it…
As if the Universe works in mysterious ways, I also started catching news of people I know personally falling terribly ill and some even died too soon.
Successful folks, albeit busy and overworked.
That got me worried for my health because here’s the thing: I’ve not paid much attention to it.
I mean, I thought I was healthy. I had been going to the gym. I do outdoor activities. So I didn’t need to think much of it.
This culminated in taking a thorough blood test and physical examination a few months ago – and I didn’t like what I saw.
My cholesterol level was at an unhealthy level – despite going to the gym.
For the first time since my high school days, my body fat and BMI were in the slight overweight section – despite my outward appearance not looking so.
The visceral fat was high – that explains the belly (sadly, doing crunches and ab workouts alone didn’t get rid of it)
I’ve got high uric acid – I had complained of gastric, nausea and stomach problems before.
I am also pre-diabetic – which shouldn’t come as a surprise because my family has a history of diabetes.
I was in denial at most of the results but in the end, I knew I needed to do something.
It felt counter-intuitive at first, but I focused more on eating and supplements than training.
For the last 10 years I had been eating nothing but outside food. For the first time, I learned to cook my own meals at home. At least 1 out of 3 meals is home cooked daily. Not too shabby.
Eating out is unavoidable however. That’s when I learned how oily and greasy our food is here, at least around the office vicinity. This part still needs work.
Now the supplements…
It was bothersome at first (still is a little today). I spend more time preparing my supplements for before/after meals. And being the kind of guy who likes to work and do things fast, this had slowed down my usual daily work rhythm.
Plus I had fret at the cost initially. I somehow got the idea that supplements aren’t meant to be more than few hundred RM (typical Pharmacy prices)
But then again, what price tag would you put on your health?
Better to invest a few thousand RM today and enjoy a higher quality life than spend 6 figures shopping for the best hospital.
So right off the bat, I took the supplements and with some guidance from my consultants, I did it everyday – despite my reservations.
Before I started, I was at 23% body fat and 8 VFA.
2 months later I’m at 16.8% body fat and 6.0-6.5 VFA.
I dropped 4 kilos and doing the math, that corresponds with the body fat gone!
The second blood test in 30 days also showed a significant drop in cholesterol level (but still has a bit more to go to Healthy range) and Uric Acid now at normal levels for the first time.
(I also took this opportunity to test if food was a big factor despite not being in the gym that often… and wow what a difference that made! I can’t wait to resume my training when I am back from Thailand… it will be better manifold also in preparation for Spartan Race next month)
There’s more I’d like to write, but what can I say? I’m happy with the results so far ­čÖé
At this rate, in another 30 days or less I should be cutting under 15% body fat and remove another layer of visceral fat. Achievable indeed.
And… am I too ambitious to gun for a “Magic Mike” or Chippendale body? LOL
Joke aside, health is wealth.
I don’t know if it’s coming of age or a deadly coincidence, but this year I’ve heard bad news after bad news of people falling terribly sick, contracting diseases, and worse, die young (I’ve counted 4 this year alone)
For a long time, I cannot help but notice a lot of successful career people and businessmen spot that unsightly belly.
And I think, had I not kept it in check, I might just be like that in a few years. Man, just the thought of it is repulsive… lol
There’s really no point chasing wealth when you lose your health in the process. That’s why I’ve cut back a little on work this year compared to the last (fortunately income is still looking good)
But this has also forced me to think smarter and beyond IM itself as far as making money is concerned.
Will your money continue to come in even after you’ve stopped pushing the button? Some food for thought.
Anyways, that’s my sharing today. Hope you get something good out of this message!