Israel and Palestine: The Land Of Milk And Honey

March 16 – 22.

After crossing the Jordan border, we found ourselves in Jericho. The first place we visited was Mount Temptation — said to be the place where Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights and where he was tempted by Satan 3 times.

We visited several places since: sites where Jesus had set foot on, where he was born, where St Peter lived, where Jesus was crucified and later buried, home of Joseph and Mary, and more…

We also went to the Galilee Sea and we’ve been to Dead Sea twice!

When I find the time, I’ll put together the video I took throughout the trip. Easier and faster to sum up the trip and more to photos 🙂

The Topaz Tour Company did a good job, however some members of the tour were shitty and put a dent on the memorable trip.

It’s appalling how a group of adults old enough to be my parents can be so misbehaved and show little respect for time and to the tour guides, Elias and Rama, when they were explaining to the group. A mental note not to deal or have anything to do with shit folks — it’s not an age thing but a mindset thing.

All in all, still a great trip and I’m glad we did it! Mom got her dream come true, and I can go back to business 1,000% from here on for the rest of the year! 🙂