I Eat Back My Words…

In a previous post, I shared my suspicion and doubts on the pandemic’s true threat scale and believed that while real, it was greatly exaggerated.

With development of recent events, I’ve changed my mind on a number of points made earlier. Though I remain cautious and skeptical on the lockdown and vaccination issues…

Does wearing a mask help prevent the virus? Does washing your hands regularly help prevent the virus? Does standing 1 meter apart from other people help prevent the virus?

While this 3-step SOP has been drummed in since the beginning of the pandemic, I still doubt the effectiveness of 2 of its steps i.e. wearing mask and sanitizer. Wearing a ply mask to stop a virus is like having a gated fence to stop a mosquito from going in. Standing apart however does arrest the development, but the world can be without a human touch only for so long.

As of this time of writing, there had been a total of 390,000 cases in Malaysia, 146 Million worldwide. Were they all not wearing a mask, did not wash their hands and stand apart from other people?

That number has already exceeded 505,000 by this time of writing. Some KKM insiders have shared that all the patients broke the 3-SOPs including negligent wearing of the mask.

This KKM personnel posts regular updates from the inside and front lines, that is worth reading.

If these preventive measures have proven not to work, then why do these at all in the first place?

Now this remains to be seen. With MCO 3.0 in effect (albeit it doesn’t seem much different from MCO 2.0 just a couple months ago) there’s vaccination roll out this time, which wasn’t there last year.

Are you wearing a mask because you’re afraid of the virus… or afraid of getting compounded?

I believe this tone has changed by now. The KKM Facebook Page had started showing photos and videos of crowded hospitals, wards, MAEPS Serdang, etc. something that wasn’t shown before or made viral to the masses.

Here are just a few links to the recent posts:

Burial of the deceased Covid victim: https://fb.watch/5FqQw6cZiF/

Situation In Hospitals: https://www.facebook.com/kementeriankesihatanmalaysia/posts/10157943448676237

News Article On Klang Valley Hospitals: https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/malaysias-covid-19-hospitals-running-out-of-icus-health-ministry

This also coincides with the current India situation where coronavirus outbreaks are out of control, mass open door cremations going on, doctors having to choose which patients to live or die… and this surge happened after India had religious celebrations and mass festivals not long ago.

Why the excessive fear and coverage on a virus with very high chance of survival?

Malaysia is seeing double digit deaths daily now. While still a miniscule number in the grand scheme of things, that number can go up in trajectory like India.

Why more coverage on the SOPs and fines, and not more on the victims and the effects?

This has been answered by now, and it was because of this that I am finally convinced. Though I felt KKM should have done this much earlier.

Some will accuse me of being stupid or asleep since we’re already more than a year into this pandemic. However, I see no reason to discard critical thinking.

After all, it was only 3 years ago that more than half the nation got suckered into Pakatan Harapan’s deception, lies and tall promises for change without questioning much if any at all. Their latest propaganda went on for at least a few years leading up to GE14, and it seemed convincing at the time. You all know how that panned out eventually. So… you can’t blame me for being slow to trust authorities, right?

(And no, I didn’t vote; I sat out… thankfully, I listened to my gut feel and that’s why I can sleep well with good conscience at night 🙂

These Covid deaths: did they because of Covid… or WITH Covid? How many? Who are they?

Reading into the cause of deaths for daily victims, almost all of them have existing conditions (diabetes being the most common I see) and average age is 50, 60 and above. Few exceptions of 40s and even rarer for 30s. So it’s usually WITH Covid. Talk about Boomer killer.

If the virus is deadly, why are national leaders, politicians and VIPs freely traveling around and holding gatherings and physical events? Could they not value their lives… or maybe they know it’s not that deadly after all?

Yes, they make terrible role models and was also a big reason why I too believed the virus isn’t as deadly as claimed.

However with the latest development in events shared above, there’s no reason to use ‘golongan kayangan’ as a benchmark on how deadly or not deadly the virus is.

By the way, an UMNO politician died from Covid not long ago… that’s saying something.

That said, expect the culture of double-standard SOPs will continue.

ADDON: While I am at it, I am starting to know people that have died from Covid.

Peter Wolfing’s mother – https://www.facebook.com/peterwolfing/posts/10225534478529441

Lorraine Robinson (a customer from years ago) – https://www.facebook.com/lonniearobinson

If one takes the vaccine, is he or she granted immunity to the virus?

From what I understand: to an extent. If you caught the virus after vaccination, at least it won’t be severe that you’d end up in ICU. To be fair, this is version 1.0 and fighting against a virus that is mutating into other strains.

Do you think it’s about the virus… or is it about power and control?

Haha well… still is. Always was. The powers that be are taking advantage of the situation, just like everything else before. 🙂

Will you take the vaccine?

Not yet. I wait and see. Again yeah, I am slow to trust.

I have caught wind on vaccination deaths (Vaccine Adverse Effects) like

Thomas Flanigan, died 2 months after second dose – https://www.facebook.com/thomas.flanigan.169/posts/6137984449561176

(something closer to home) Haziq Kamarrudin, national archer died at age 27 – https://www.sinarharian.com.my/article/138444/BERITA/Sukan/Pemanah-negara-Haziq-Kamaruddin-meninggal-dunia

Though KKM and government have dismissed the cause of death on the vaccine and pinned it on clogged heart blood vessels, it’s hard to believe a young, peak-health man died like that suddenly, and conveniently just days after receiving the vaccination. Spooky.

While these are just very few instances that I know of, I don’t see motivating reason to ‘try my luck’ with the vaccine at this time. Given that I am already working from home with minimal contact with anyone due to the nature of my business, my lifestyle in that I hardly go out except for morning workouts at a park nearby, and with most places closed (again) there’s not much else to do.

Alright. Back to work.