RIP Hyper Kura

Anyone that has buried their own pet know it’s not just a pet; it’s like burying family.

One of my red ear sliders passed away in the wee hours of the morning, though I felt it was going to happen.

She wasn’t eating in the last 3 days, which was very unusual. And when out of the tank, she kept going to dark corners to rest, something an animal typically does as if searching for a final resting place.

No visible injury. I wasn’t sure if sending to the vet would’ve solved anything. It seemed inevitable.

She was one the first 2 red ear sliders I have, way back in 2005.Yep, she was there when I stayed up late nights figuring out the whole Internet business thing, and pretty much a silent witness to my ups and downs.

She’s also a favorite of house guests, and she’s called “Hyper” because she’s a light sleeper and easily excited by presence of people.

I counted she’s been to 9 homes, and lived in grottos and small ponds, so for a home turtle she lived a rather ‘rich’ life.

A bummer she’s gone too soon, considering that a red ear slider’s life span is 35-40 years.

But what’s happened, happened.R.I.P. Hyper Kura (May 2005 – 30th November 2021)