Summary Of Failures We Have Witnessed In The Past 2 Years

You can’t reach herd immunity for this kind of disease. We have witnessed statements from scientists who made themselves ridiculous, claiming that 65% of us were saved thanks to the herd effect. It didn’t work and instead of accepting their failure they raised the bar over and over again but uselessly.
This is a very important failure that undermines virology and the lucrative vaccine market.

Lockdowns are not working, they are destroying the economy and destabilizing people. Increasing suicides, depressions, distorting reality for young children. Sweden has never done a lockdown and is better than us.

The various green passes, strengthened green passes are liked by dictatorial governments, but they have no use on infections.
In January 2022 with the green pass we reached 240,000 infections while in January 2021, without a green pass, the maximum was 20,000.

The most reactive governments don’t want to remove the useless green pass, but they make mandatory the vaccine that has been proven completely useless in order not to get infected and not to get sick, in fact, in under-vaccination countries like Africa Covid is not plus a long time pandemic. We can then talk about the negative effect: where you vaccinate the more the virus remains more aggressive.
Montagnier had warned that he doesn’t vaccinate during a pandemic because variants were created and he was right, others had said that the variants were created by those who don’t vaccinate, failed miserably.

Omicron: Even vaccine manufacturers said that current vaccines don’t need Omicron, but they continue to vaccinate unnecessarily.

Age groups not involved with Covid have been vaccinated with the excuse that they do not infect the fragile and the elderly. Once it’s found that the vaccine doesn’t protect you, you continue to want to vaccinate everyone including children: criminal.

The use of masks is dangerous for people’s breathing and it’s not known for certain how useful it is, but they force children to use FP2: criminal.

Vaccines have caused adverse reactions, but doctors and journalists absolutely don’t want to talk about it.

Anyone who dares to say something that is not the single party approved version is added as a denialist or no-vax or no-pass and is criminalized and socially isolated. We try to lean on guilt and the weapon of “social duty” is proposed to the weakest minds that need a return of image: with their own social duty you become heroes. Fascism with the docet balances.

The danger of orders that have been revealed repressive tools in the hands of the regime. The doctor suspended or radiated doctors simply because they treated their patients by disqualifying the criminal “Tachipirina and vigilante waiting”.

Big companies like Facebook, Google, YouTube are becoming weapons in the hands of gerarchs at the command of all this pandemic operation that takes on universality and whole peoples are forced to go to the square or gather on other platforms had. In democracies it is normal to keep the needs of minorities in mind and we tend to protect them, in regimes minorities must be eliminated and this is happening all over the world. Canada’s example is outstanding, the country is paralyzed, but the mainstream doesn’t matter much.

The pandemic has been a golden deal for capitalism with extraordinary gains that have made everyone poorer.

After World War II humanity has proven that it has learned nothing and terms such as antifascism or human rights have been revealed to be empty and fragile and the virus of intolerance has certainly created more damage than the Covid virus.

Writing this post I realized that there are many crazy things and you could go on and on, but one word sum up what they have done and still try to do politicians, journalists, scientists, business men: crazy.