NERF Foam Dart Game @ Silent Knight II

My second time playing foam darts, and first big game already!

The game is joined by players from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia, and United States!

Some photos here:

First, how did I know this sport and get into this game?

After my last Airsoft MILSIM game in Thailand, I was connected to Amin Khairuddin, a mutual friend of Foo that accompanied me to the Thailand game.

Amin also stays in Johor, and told me of this NERF Foam Dart sport that’s been around for at least a few years in Malaysia and Singapore.

How is NERF Foam Darts different from Airsoft, Paintball and Gel Blaster?

Unlike the NERF Blasters that are seen in Toys R Us, these Blasters are a notch above, in that there are AEB (Air Electric Blaster) and Springer variants that can be tuned up.

These NERF Blasters also look a bit realistic to modern firearms i.e. can sport picatinny rails to mount optics. Though I think a red dot suffices; anything above 3x scope is excessive and adds needless weight to what is meant to be a light blaster.

Does it hurt? Nah, not at all compared to the above mentioned sports. Wearing a basic eye pro is good enough, and no need for full face concealment.

To give an idea, I’d rank the level of pain as follows:

Paintball > Airsoft > Gel Blaster > NERF

Will I buy my own Foam Dart Blaster?

I borrowed an M20 Loaner and 4 mags for the game, which is sufficiently good for nicking human targets.

However, I’m most likely NOT going to buy one. At least, right now. I don’t mind playing if I’m invited, but I’m not passionate to the point that I’d get a NERF Blaster.

Besides, for a foam dart shooter, these things are not exactly ‘cheap’. In Singapore, a well-modded Blaster can go for SGD6xx. Not to be penny wise, pound foolish, but I can think of more fulfilling purchases with that amount. But that’s just me. I might change my mind next time, who knows.