Douyin Frog Mascot

Repeated exposure to Douyin froggo on TikTok has turned me into one!

I found this on Shopee by looking up “china frog mascot” and it was shipped from mainland China. Took about 2 weeks to arrive here in Johor.

Interesting back story on how this Douyin frog costume became viral:

A couple years back, toy sellers in China dressed up in these frog mascots to sell their inflatable frog toys. A lot of people find them amusing, and after it was listed as one of the top 10 ugliest products on Alibaba in 2022, that made it even more popular.

The exaggerated salute by the frog also has an origin: because these frog ‘mothers’ are selling away their ‘kids’ i.e. the inflatable toy frogs, passer-bys and Customers often salute them for their ‘hard work’.

Since then, the frog ‘seeds’ have spread to other countries including Vietnam, Thailand, and even Malaysia and Singapore.

Interestingly, I’m far from the first Malaysian to have this. There are already some people dressed as the Douyin Frog in KL, and at least a couple more here in JB. I think there will be more to come, and as a friend of the green, I am happy!

Finally, I’ve Let Go Of Brown Cow

Didn’t think it’d be anytime soon. I expected to drive Brown Cow for much longer. But after a few episodes of the car dying on me – usually right after a long trip from Johor to KL – my mom and I think it’s high time we let her go.

I’ve already changed the battery, ECU and even serviced the car just a few months ago. Alternator is OK though.

At first, I wasn’t in a hurry to sell off. I posted in FB Marketplace and would have been cool whether there’s a buyer or not, but given how frequent I had to jumpstart the car of late, meant that I’d better do it pronto.

In the end, I drove my car to Carsome at Johor Jaya and after a speedy inspection, put the Brown Cow up for online bidding. Within 24 hours, I’ve gotten a buyer. Even though it’s lower than expected (obviously), at least it pays off the Hire Purchase balance and I can use the excess for paid ads.

Given the circumstances, it’s better to let go a.s.a.p. so I might as well snatch the W for what it’s worth.

2017 – 2023. 6 years. The Brown Cow and I have been to many places together. But the time has come. I hope my successor will take great care of her as did I.

Pictures from my last ride.

In the mean time, I’m not in a hurry to buy a new car. Ever since I moved back to Johor, I hardly drive out and when I do, it’s in town.

Wiser to rebuild my financial forces in other areas like hard assets (gold, silver) and scale my webinars in the next 6 to 9 months. For now.

First Urban CQB In 2023

Today’s game consisted of 3 rounds: Team Deathmatch, Bomb plant/defusal (we won), and VIP escort/assassination (we won, I took out the VIP and his escort!)

I seldom play Airsoft in recent years, and because of that I’m concerned about the reliability of my toys.

Had to give my airsoft guns an emergency service, and also took over a retired friend’s SIG 551 piece that he hasn’t used for 10+ years. Need to buy some new parts and accessories after this. Since I work from home again (no office, no physical team) I expect to be more active in this sport this year.