Petaling Jaya Catchup 2024

It’s been nearly half a year since I went up to Klang Valley.

Now that I’ve gotten a relatively new car, I drove up to PJ and stayed here for 4 days 3 nights to catch up with a bunch of people.

I’m pleased to choose Greystone Centrestage PJ Hotel as my stay this round. It’s quite convenient, situated just 5 minutes walk from Jaya 33.

And at a nightly rate of RM110-ish, the room quality is quite decent as can be seen in the photos! Usually, that kind of hotel rate lands one in a rinky-dink room like Sun Inns and OYO. When I come to PJ next time, I’ll most likely choose this hotel again.

I did most of my meetings at 1 Utama, that I last visited at the tail end of 2020 (if I’m not mistaken). Compared to the somber mood back then due to the fake pandemic lockdown, I’m happy to see the mall teeming with life once again – also in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year festive.

I thought of checking out the newly opened TRX Mall but I’ve been talked out of it – apparently, it’s difficult to find parking, the shops are “too high end” (not that I wanted to shop for anything) and expect it to be very packed over the weekend.

To round this trip, I took my Yemeni guest to a game of pew pew.

It was a fun and fulfilling weekend to kick start the year!

Prey 2023 Thailand Airsoft MILSIM

Just got home here in Johor, Malaysia from the much anticipated Airsoft MILSIM game in Thailand (this time in Takhli District)!

Thanks to Tum JT Hobby and the TKL Airsoft Activity staff for again hosting and organizing this event. I’m already looking forward to next year’s, if there is.

Also thanks once again Palis Luckananurug and Gunn Bhatrakarn for offering us to tag along and drive from the DMK airport to game site.

And MARU Combat Gear for rental of the Airsoft guns while we were here.

Day 1

Day 2

Thai MILSIM 2023

Since last year’s Airsoft 24 hour MILSIM event, I was already looking forward to the next big game by TKL Airsoft Activity… and they’re hosting one again in about a week! 9th and 10th December 2023, to be exact.

This was planned for months, and I bought my flight ticket in October.

This time, I’ll be joined by Foo, a long time friend from my SOLOBIS days (I’m talking about way back in 2007!)

I was hoping to get more Malaysian friends onboard this big game, and despite having a full year head start, all I could get was… him. Haha, no matter. We’re expecting this event to have a 150 player turnout.

That’s half the size of last year’s MILSIM, and word from the Organizer is, this will be more mission-driven.

The premise of PREY 2023 (the name of this year’s MILSIM event and theme) is that there’s a group of Prisoners on the run (all dressed in colored jumpsuits) and the WOLF Faction (that I’m part of, dressed in camo BDU) have to chase and secure them before they can escape. Not making things easy is another group called the PREDATOR faction (all clad in ghillie suits, black BDUs and skull motif) that are hunting these Prisoners for sport.

This will be a full day event, from morning to night. Like last year, I’m bringing my own BDU and gears over, plus packed extra for Foo who is my guest. This time though, we will be renting our Airsoft guns from MARU Combat Gear.

Options are limited, with the typical M4s being almost the only ones available. We’re getting the M4 Palador and Black Leopard Eye (BLE) for sidearm.

Also this time, we’ll be staying at a resort hotel near the game site so I don’t have to bring over tent and camping equipment, thus saving some space in the luggage bag.

This year’s game site is also closer to the Don Mueang airport, being just 2 to 3 hours drive away (instead of last year’s 6)

I’ve packed my bags a week ahead of schedule, partly because of excitement and also to take early inventory and make sure I’ve got everything I need for the big Airsoft game to wrap up the year.

NOTE: I won’t be wearing the Ghost skull balaclava in this upcoming MILSIM, as that is reserved for the opposing faction’s dress code.

Latest Ride: Proton X70 Premium Spec

After 14 years of driving the old Toyota Vios and finally bid goodbye not long ago, today I just bought my mother her latest set of wheels: the 2020 Proton X70 premium spec!

This was also something my mother and I have been talking about for months, from the time I let go my other ride, the “Brown Cow” BMW F10 5 Series early this year.

Deciding on the X70 was a logical choice from the beginning. I had the benefit of test driving this car when I borrowed two of my friend’s car a couple years back. That was when I knew this will be the next car I’ll get. And here we are.

Never mind the Proton branding; this C-Segment SUV is a rebadge of the Geely Boyue from China. And even with the “China” label, this car proved to be able to deliver: packed with modern day car features, brown Nappa leather seats and relatively luxurious cabin, and a decent 1.8L turbocharged engine.

Good for daily driver. Good for going off roads if and when I need to. While mainly for my mother’s use, I will have my fair share behind the wheel every now and then. 🙂

And if I play my cards right, I can get my sister a new car next year too. Perodua Ativa, maybe?

For now, we both need to get used to driving this… beast around. This is my first time owning an SUV, and feature-wise, it’s got more packed in compared to my previous BMW. It will take a while to learn them and get used to.

Having Fun Creating 2D Cartoon Images With Bing AI

Just a few years ago, I would have paid probably $50 per pop to have these custom caricatures designed.

Now with some descriptive prompting, I can make my own – FREE.

I made these images with

You’re given 15 credits to boost the image generation, and every go gives you 1 to 4 variations. You can still use it even after you run out of credits, but at the expense of longer wait time. The 15 credits reset the next day.

Here’s a prompt I used for one of these images. You can use this as a template and modify it for your own:

“I want a 2D cartoon style portrait of a young adult Asian man with spike red hair and black undercut, wearing a light gray formal buttoned two-row button suit and black collar undershirt, smiling confidently while taking a selfie with iPhone 11, background is white.”

And voila…

Some Drawbacks I’ve Discovered:

1. It can’t read images from third party links for reference.

2. I don’t think you can put in names of public figures, or else the AI perceives it as “bullying”.

3. You can try to put in word titles, but it seems poor in fleshing out long words or words with multiple vowels.

At least that’s what I’ve discovered so far.

That said, here’s another variation I made, this time black suit.

And another one in my regularly depicted profile pic with the blue “Captain America” shirt:

Now this one, I applied the Flecktarn camouflage with Photoshop after the AI image was generated.

Pretty cool, huh?!