Early Christmas Vacation at Genting Highlands

It has been three years in a row that I celebrated Christmas at Genting Highlands.

Before Year 2006, the last time I went to Genting Highlands was when I was a kid. Of course, a lot of things had changed ever since though some things never did… like the Antique Car ride, to name one. 🙂

Two years back, I spent more time indoors. If you were there then you would remember that it was much colder up in Genting at that time (13-15 degree Celcius). The year before, I attended the Life Changing Party at Awana Genting Resort thus I spent a brief moment up in Genting Highlands during the wee hours with my friends. Temperature was warm though.

And this year? I revisited Genting Highlands for the third time and I came with my mom. Ashley didn’t join this time because she preferred to stay at home. We were in the outdoors more often this time around and great… the weather was misty and cooler than the year before! 🙂

22nd December: Checking in First World Hotel

Although Mom and I arrived at 1:30 PM, we waited for 3 and a half hours before we could finally check into the hotel. (read: PEAK season)

The crowd was huge and we were annoyed and disturbed by slow moving families, queue jumpers, you name it. I really should be taking full advantage of my flexible schedule and pick a non-peak season for a vacation next time. 🙂

23rd December: Chin Swee Temple

We missed the free shuttle bus service by a split second, so Mom and I hired a cab driver to take us to the Chin Swee Temple, 15 minutes down the road.

At Chin Swee Temple

My Mom said it reminded her a lot of her trip to Beijing, China – the temple, the scenery… more like ‘mini China’.

Mom at the Wishing Well

The wind was strong that standing still was difficult, really!

Journey to Enlightenment

Son Wu Kong

Tortoise Pond

Outdoor Theme Park

I had always wanted to go into the Outdoor Theme Park for the last 2 years but I kept coming at a wrong time! But not this round. 😉 I bought us an ‘all park’ access for a whole day.

Outdoor Theme Park Entrance

I also missed riding the Antique Car – can’t believe it is still around even after more than a decade! 😀

Antique Car Ride

London Bus

With Santa’s Gang

Live Performance

Posing with a non-venomous snake

The Arcade

I probably would never get tired of the arcade. 🙂 But if you’re an arcade fan like me, there are a couple of things I discovered that you might want to be aware of:

This is the arcade place near the K-Box, and just a level above “Ripley’s Believe it or Not!” There’s a good reason why this place doesn’t receive as many visitors as Vision City even though it’s situated in a busy location. I wanted to play “Ghost Squad” and all the 3 machines I tried were all spoilt! The first machine had a problem with the gun’s aiming (just go iron-sights and you’ll know). The gun on the second machine had the Action Button pulled out (how the heck was I going to save hostages and defuse bombs without it?) and the third machine had no sound. RM9.00 down the drain. 🙁

The shotgun is often spoiled – probably due to rough handling by the players. Also, it’s EASIER for YOU to die in this game. Unless you’re truly exceptionally skilled, this game works exactly like a casino: it’s designed for you to lose. I’ve seen skilled players get killed too easily in this game, even in the early round (read: Chapter 0).

Ripley’s Believe it or Not!

While I was prohibited from taking photos inside the premise this time (no idea why, I pulled that off just fine two years ago) – here’s a video you should see. Believe it.

More Photos on FaceBook

Click here to see more photos from my FaceBook photo album.

On a side note, I realized that I have been wearing the same long sleeve shirt for the past 6 years. I really need to get new clothes…

There’s Going to Be an Edmund Loh dot Com

That’s right.

There’s going to be an Edmund Loh dot com. In fact, the domain name had been registered on the same day I registered this domain, EdmundLoh.name.

If you are a regular visitor of my Personal Homepage then you will know that in spite of basing most of my business online, I had kept EdmundLoh.name just that, a Personal Homepage.

Even though I have made small mentions of my involvement in Internet Marketing, I choose to keep this blog more personal by posting up photos and updates on wherever my adventures would take me. Hence EdmundLoh.name. This is about the only site I have (besides FaceBook) that I use to connect with old friends, new acquaintances and non-business / non-Internet Marketing people.

And up until recently, EdmundLoh.com had always been redirected to this site.

This had created a few problems though.

1. This blog receives visitors from 2 distinct groups: the Internet Marketing audience and personal friends and acquaintances who are not in this business. That is to say, I have to admit I had struggled at times when writing content on my Personal Blog.

2. The Internet Marketing audience would expect Internet Marketing related content when visiting this site. I can safely say they’re not here to see my photo collection and accounting for my adventures abroad. (lol)

3. At the same time, visitors from non-business backgrounds – usually friends – aren’t used to reading Internet Marketing related content. This is also the reason why I stripped the blog free from most advertising, besides featuring my own products.

Putting a blend of personal journal and business content will only create a mixed and confused impression. This is why I see a need for finally opening the ‘dot com’ site to be specific towards Internet Marketing.

That being said, regular visitors will notice by now that pages like “Products” and “Testimonials” have been removed from this site. I have moved them to the Edmund Loh dot com website.

At this time of writing, the site is still under construction with minimal content. I am waiting for the WordPress theme designer to finish its custom layout. 🙂

Friends, I hope that you will still come back to this site often. The decision to start Edmund Loh dot com doesn’t mean the end of this site (no way am I throwing 2 years worth of solid personal journal down the drain!). I will still be updating my Personal Homepage faithfully, as always.

If you have been expecting Internet Marketing and business content, I apologize for the disappointment. Initially it started out simply as a site for only close friends to know, eventually my Personal Homepage has received exposure through various means including name cards, forums, in the book “Secrets of Millionaire Students”, and even from the Search Engines when someone types my name.

Truth be told, I have withheld a lot of my views on various areas in Internet Marketing on a personal and expert level. Some of the top Internet Marketing forums like the Warrior Forum is quickly turning into a playground for debates and bashing, whereas posting them to this site didn’t seem appropriate – this site being a Personal Homepage.

I look forward to launch EdmundLoh dot com within this month, and it will be a hub for my online marketing activities and I will be sharing my insights on the same topic as well. The site is already there and currently under development. Expect to see more changes to EdmundLoh.name very soon too.

Short Retreat to Gemas

Who would have thought that Gemas makes a good place for a short retreat, even if it’s for only a couple of days? 🙂

I read an article about Gemas earlier this month and like many people, the only impression I knew of Gemas was the KTM station every time the Intercity Train passes by.

After pulling off a lot of online projects and not to mention the countless hours I spend behind the computer, I decided to call for a time-out as I was in dire need of a good mental break. So last week I packed off for a one man adventure in Gemas, Negeri Sembilan.

14th December: Arriving at Gemas

Gemas KTM Station

I arrived at the sleepy town in the ‘deadest’ time of the day – afternoon.

The Train Station

I was lightly packed; I ditched my laptop, work, you name it. Even my note book where I would scribble my ideas down. I needed to put my mind away from business for at least 2 days. So all I had were enough spare clothes for a day, wallet loaded with liquid cash (because I wasn’t sure about finding ATM machines in the rural area) and a printed article from the online newspaper.

Posing near the old train

Since I came alone, I took very few pictures of myself. However I couldn’t pass up posing near the old train, that has been sitting in the off-track since almost forever. Good thing I learned how to use the ‘self timer’ feature. I can be such a noob with technology. 🙂

Exploring Gemas Town

Life here in Gemas is slow pace. And veeery quiet.

Quiet Gemas

It really felt like I was going back in time. Interesting to note: I saw a few computer shops but they were all closed down. I guess computers are not really a popular thing over here.

Going Off Road

As I could use some exercise, I started exploring Gemas – the off roads, quiet neighborhoods and wherever the roads lead to.

Not a soul in sight after hours of walking

There are many old folks and senior citizens but I saw very few young people.

After spending most of the day walking around, doing self reflections and of course marvel at nature – I bunked in at a hotel 5 minutes from the Gemas station.

Tropicana Hotel

I also had my late night supper at the Gemas Station canteen and tried out the RM1 nasi lemak that was raved about in the newspaper article.

The Gemas Station Canteen

Granted it’s cheap, but there’s really nothing to it. However most of the items on the menu are easily RM2 and below, the most expensive being an alcoholic drink for RM7. Most of the things sold here are cheap too.

Whoa, I walked that far huh...

By nightfall, all of the old pre-WWII buildings in town were covered with birds. Literally. On every roof, fence and electric cable. I’ve never seen so many birds in my life. Perhaps a good scenario for a horror animal movie? 🙂

15th December: The Journey Continues

I woke up unusually early today – 6:00 AM. Very unlike me. 🙂

After having breakfast at the nearest mamak stall, I set foot for a path I was saving from the day before.

Walking along…

I wanted to visit the Kelemah River War Memorial – which was about 10 kilometers away from the hotel. However the taxi driver I talked to told me that while he could send me there, there are hardly any other taxis passing by so going back would be difficult. Thus I passed up the chance. Maybe some other time.

So I spent the next 2 hours in the morning walking along the winding road, which I wonder where it would lead me to. 🙂

Want to take it to the court?


And more green…

After the long hours of walking about and using a good exercise, it was time to check out of the hotel by noon and leave for home.

Granted, there’s nothing hip and cool about Gemas. But it makes a good retreat for those who are mentally drained. 🙂

$10 Million Dollar Business From Home – Possible or Not?

I’ll probably get some flak for even thinking out aloud on this bold subject line (more on that in a while). Maybe some jealous folks out there are secretly wishing ill for me. In fact, a local celebrity blogger came by this blog a couple of months ago and called me a ‘wanna-be’.

But then, I’m not in business to please everyone.

As I am writing this, I am in the middle of registering for a US company and working towards centralizing my affiliate program and network of sites under the AMLOH banner. (FYI AMLOH is the initials for “Aik Mun LOH”, my Chinese name in reverse)

I need to get a fax machine too, on top of several other requirements to prepare myself for the next phase of expansion in business. Trying to grow my business on a local sole proprietorship is like trying to grow a tree in a small tupperware. I am going to maintain the Work from Home order and lifestyle in spite of peer pressure (which I’ll talk about that some other time).

So building a $10 Million Business From Home… Is It Even Remotely Possible? That’s about RM36.2 Million to Malaysians.

I want to find out and I’m making a run for it. 🙂

I’ve heard of 3 such people so far earning an 8 figure annual income working from their home office. 2 of them being Internet Entrepreneurs, and the other one a multi-talented entrepreneur.

I also realize that my vision paper that I’ve stuck to my wall needs a minor change – I should be adding another zero there, really.

Wait… let me add it now.

Okay, I’m done. 🙂


A former mentor of mine once told me that if I wanted to dream BIG, it must not be only something I really want, it must also be a little bit intimidating. When I was 16, the idea of making a million Ringgit took a long stretch of imagination. A couple of months ago, I wanted to take the stake to a million in US Dollars. But to be honest, I don’t feel the intimidation. With some hard work and a clever strategy, I know I would get there. And maybe because of the weakening Dollar, the goal seemed too achievable all of a sudden.

So I re-issued myself a more daring, more challenging, more intimidating goal….

The 10 Million Dollar Mark!

Now on another level of brutal honesty (besides feeling very intimidated right now), I haven’t planned out my strategies to achieve this goal yet.

I know a few things for sure:

– Being a ‘PLR Extraordinaire’ isn’t going to be enough, NOT AT ALL.

– Making $10 Million needs a totally different strategy from one on making a $1 Million.

– I need to be a better business person.

– I need a new and more expanded network of business people.

– I need to explore other avenues of business besides Internet Marketing alone.

And I will find out:

– If I will ever make it…?

– If yes, how long will it take? 5 years? 10? 15? 20? … Or forever?

Whether I would give up my Work from Home lifestyle in this pursuit would be worthy of even my own speculation. I could see the need for engaging full-time staff, nonetheless. Many believe that it’s not possible to grow a $10 Million Dollar Business from home, though I’ve already seen at least 3 people proved otherwise.

I’d really like to see if I can be the 4th person in my own books or not. Or is working from home to build a $10 Million Dollar business like growing a tree on a tupperware too?

What do you think?

Review: Dead Space

Dead Space

Third game review in a row. Boy, you’re lucky. 🙂 My full deck of reviews won’t be complete without mentioning this game, really.

I read about this game in the newspaper and I’m glad I got this game quite early since it was released only last month. And I suspect it will grow to have a cult following. 🙂

So what’s Dead Space all about? Let me sum it up…

– The plot and storyline is film worthy. When you mix Alien, Event Horizon and The Thing (1984 film) you get Dead Space.

– The game play is third person shooter like Resident Evil 4.

– It’s really scary…

– You face your fears as you battle for survival aboard the doomed USG Ishimura – the 1,000 strong crew had turned into hideous, grotesque monsters!

– Oh, and did I mention it is reaaaaally scary?

Basically, you control space engineer Isaac Clarke. You and your 4 men crew arrive at USG Ishimura on a repair mission after receiving their distress call. USG Kellion had a rough landing due to the damaged gravity tethers and you and your crew land on flight deck hastily.

You are half expecting (or maybe not at all) the flight crew to come and assist you and action happens real quick: the monsters known as Necromorphs attack your team and very quickly, 2 men die. You run for your live as your remaining friends, Kendra and Hammond, disperse from the lounge.

The rest of the game is on surviving the ordeal while putting the pieces together, fixing the ship to stay alive while battling the monsters that were once human.

I won’t explore the rest of the story here, partly because there’s a whole lot more to the game’s plot than just a few paragraphs to sum it up. I’m going to warn you though: the graphics are disturbing and you might need time to get used to it. (read: the corpse were designed after developers studied car crash accident victims, and the monsters are truly icky)

And the music is just as disturbing and frightening. Think of the Alien film.

This is my current craze right now and I’ll probably spend some nights on this game, with the lights off. I’ve finished the game already and played 2 more rounds. However the scare has yet to wear off fully, even though I know the drill.

(And did I neglect to mention that when I played the game for the first time, I wanted to give it up right away after the monster pried through the elevator door to get me?) 🙁

I had to have my sister accompany me for the first 2 rounds, really. That’s HOW scary it is.

As a side note, I wasn’t aware of my sister taking this video with my handphone when I was battling the Hive Mind in the final chapter. Hope you don’t mind the ‘lame’ scream, and yeah I did get trounced quite a lot.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10 – a MUST GET. And those who think they’re brave, I challenge you to play this game in the dark alone, and preferably with the volume up. I dare you. 🙂